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...Welcome to The Cook's Corner Recipes...

My love for cooking started in my youth as an activity my grandmother could share with me. Together we cooked for family get togethers and baked for the pure joy of it.  During that time my grandmother had passed along a collection of her favorite recipes, both collected through her lifetime and personally created via trial and error.  

Cooking has since become a passion full of fond memories of the past and new memories being created with my own children.  Today I am sharing with you my grandmother's collection as well as noteworthy recipes I have found and love.

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as my family and I do. 

Happy cooking, 

Lori Ann


A lot of thought, time and energy has been put into creating this site for your enjoyment.  We are now accepting donations to ensure the site and the helpful content continues to grow.  


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Do you know your cookies?  Find out just how cookie savvy you are by checking out  Cookie Baking Techinques

While you're there, be sure to learn the basic cookie types and get solutions to common cookie problems to make every baking experience a happy one.



Cooking Charts & How-To Tips




Discover the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants and easily cook them yourselves!  Get recipes from The Cheesecake Factory, Hard Rock Cafe, The Olive Garden, Red Lobster.. just to name a few.  Click Here! to get started.






In most markets, the shelves devoted to cooking oils display a wide range of choices, from vegetable oils to nut oils to seed oils.  Our Oil Glossary lists the most common, as well as  notes on their uses.



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A few simple Food Safety precautions and smart cooking habits will help safeguard you from possible illness.




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