Big Batch Crockpot Peanut Clusters

12 oz. package Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
12 oz. package Milk Chocolate Chips
20 oz. package Chocolate Almond Bark
35 oz. Salted Peanuts
Place chocolate chips and almond bark in crockpot.  I use a large 7 quart crockpot, but a 5 quart one would work also.  Set to low and let it do it's magic.  Stir occasionally.  When chocolate is completely melted and smooth, stir in peanuts.  Using a large cookie scoop or two spoons, drop onto wax paper lined cookie sheet. Making these in the crock pot lets you work at your own pace, with no fear of the chocolate hardening or scorching.   Let harden and enjoy.  This makes a HUGE batch, perfect for gifting and sharing.  I store these at room temperature, because I like them soft, but you can store them in the refrigerator for a firmer cluster.