Creative Workshops @ Conway Hall

with Janice Perry
Saturday 14th October
10 - 5

For performance and visual artists, writers, dancers, philosophers, sociologists, mathematicians, poets, historians, theologians, and others interested in creating live art. Participants may bring in pieces that they are working on, or use this workshop to begin new work. We’ll develop short performance pieces that can stand on their own, be joined together to create longer inter-related pieces, or serve as a springboard for full-length monologues, plays or other performative work.

We’ll work in a collaborative atmosphere that encourages and supports risk-taking- using body, voice, text, and
 – if desired – traditional and/or digital media. Perry’s workshops are based on her experience as a live art performance and multi-media artist. Participants are strongly encouraged to develop their own distinctive writing and performance styles. If you’d like to work on incorporating media into your work, bring cameras, laptops, ipads, ipods, cellphones, cables, card-readers, dongles, pencils, paper, string, string theory, and/or other materials that you might want to use in creating new work.

Feedback from former workshop participants:

“Whatever the word for “the opposite of risk averse” is, Janice Perry is it.”

“  …the whole experience was intense but made to feel like a safe environment, due to the strong but reassuring encouragement given by Janice throughout the process… probably the most quote-able phrase, ‘Let’s deal with the possibilities first and the restrictions second.”

“She got us acting painlessly. I never saw our progress evolving – but suddenly everyone was so much better. Then it got REALLY fun!” 

“Really great! Janice is an excellent teacher and good at giving feedback supportively. I very much appreciated her refusal to fret over potential problems and her trust in the group and the process to resolve issues in due course. Overall Janice’s approach created a very safe & supportive environment in which to make work and take risks.”

“My experience with you has permanently changed the way I work.”

in association with
The Centre for Solo Performance

Dance Theatre Performance workshops
with Luke Dixon & Jane Turner

Tuesday 31st October 6 - 9
Monday 6th November 6 - 9
Monday 13th November 6 - 9
Performance Wednesday 22nd November

Be inspired into performance making with a group of creative people responding to the many ideas resonating throughout the fabric of Conway Hall, the home of innovative thinking and culture creation throughout the Modern era, in this 4 week Testing Ground dance theatre project.

Working with two warm-hearted 
Doctors of Performance Making, 
Luke Dixon and Jane Turner, 
who separately and together have created multiple international performance works, you will be led through games, improvisations and experiments that will lead to the creation of a performance happening which will be shared publicly on the evening of Wednesday 22nd November in the building's Main Hall.

An accessible refreshing experience is assured exploring techniques and ideas that draw on identities, flocking, science, gender representations, tango, art, storytelling in creating a new performance event.

This workshop continues the TESTING GROUND project at Conway Hall that nurtures new performance makers and artist led networks and that was founded by the Conway Collective in 2012.