Lola Montez


celebrating the transgressive lives & performances of

Fanny Kelly & Lola Montez

Come on a fantastical journey through the lives and loves, romances and revolutions, and conquests of one of the great women of the nineteenth century, and the woman who was her muse. 

Fanny Kelly ran London's first drama school from her Royalty Theatre in Soho. Her cross-dressed performances enthralled and appalled in equal measure. She was a noted and notorious Drag King a hundred years before the term first appeared in print.

'You are very partial to a disguised Male Dress but let me not experience any more of your Folly!' - shouted by an audience member as he shot her with his pistol.

Lola Montez was a stimulant and inspiration to all who saw her perform on the stages of the world. From the Outback of Australia, through the Opera Houses of Europe, to the Wildest West of America, Lola Montez shocked, scandalised, enthralled, delighted, amazed and offended all who saw her dance. She started revolutions.

Watch Fanny Kelly's gender fluid performances and Lola Montez's transgressive dances. Hear their words and be astonished by what is presented before you.

'utterly subversive to all ideas of public morality.'

'A tigress, the very comet of her sex.' 

Director: Luke Dixon
Producer: Clare Lynch
Choreographer: Jane Turner
Musical Director: Tyrone Landau
Performers: Fiona McKinnon, Penelope Dimond, Theresa Hoffmann
Accordion Player: Nia Davies
The Academy of Gesture

Sunday 26th January 2020
Friday 7th February 2020