heart of darkness

A telling of Joseph Conrad's novella as a site-specific performance on a boat on the Thames estuary.
Script: Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie
Director: Luke Dixon
Literary advisor: Robert Hampson
Performances September 2019 in collaboration with Total Thames 2019

Joseph Conrad's 'The Heart of Darkness' is one of the seminal fictions in the English language.
It tells of a journey to the depths of the (unnamed) Congo but is told on a boat marooned on the Thames estuary off Gravesend.
The heart of darkness is both London and the Congo.
Developed with students on the World Performance Course at E15 Theatre School's Southend Campus, and in collaboration with the Thames Festival,
this performance will take place between Tilbury and Gravesend, on a boat on the exact location that the story is told in Conrad's novel.
With a script by leading Congolese playwright and poet Frederick KambembaYamusangie,
historical and literary advice from leading Conrad scholar Robert Hampson
direction from international theatre maker Luke Dixon
and music from London's Congolese refugee community
this promises to be a unique event.