Events @ Conway Hall

Wednesday 28th February 2018
The Minutes launch

The Minutes is a collection of minute-long audio podcasts 
created and curated by The Centre For Solo Performance at Conway Hall 
exploring and celebrating the potential and diversity of aural performance.
After six months of creating and curating we launch The Minutes into the digital world
with this analogue evening of live sixty second performances, recording sessions and inter-continental ballistic aural exchanges. 
Join us to create and share your monologues, live artworks, spoken words, songs, essays, jokes, commentary,
haikus, loud breathings and anything else that can be caught on a microphone in 60 seconds.
There are only two rules:
All work must be original.
All work must be between 50-60 seconds in duration.
So if you have work to share, something to record or just what to be an audience, come along and be part of The Minutes launch.
It's fun, it's free but please book your ticket in advance to guarantee a place.

Tuesday 20th March 2018
La Belle et La Bete - une grande parade

A carnival of exhibitionists and seekers, peddlers of tales and talents, a cornucopia of performance delights!
The Conway Collective brings together another of its legendary artistic collaborations in a new mix of both experienced
and fresh young talent. A parade of performance through the beauteous Conway Hall of briefly dazzling interludes. 
Expect dance and circus, live art and tableaux vivants, spoken words and arousing whispers, cinematography and showmanship.
All taking their inspiration from The Beauty and The Beast.
The line up will include:
Tea Leaf Productions - Requiem, The Last Sleep
Students from London Metropolitan University - Labyrinthe de sel
Conway Collective - Phase Transition
Roberta Gotti & Tony Hickson - Dark Desire
Fiona McKinnon - Short & Sweet, Beastly & Short
Sean Bruno - Beastly
Anne-Sophie Marie - L'esprit de Jean Cocteau
Kornelia Bienek - live songs on the theme
Gwen Jones (TURNING WORLDS) - a selfie dance solo on the theme
Fenella Juanita Barker - Flamenco Beauties

Tickets £10