conway cohort

The Conway Cohort

8 dance artists were given space, mentoring, and performance opportunities
as part of  an exciting new artists’ residency scheme at London's iconic Conway Hall.
The first Cohort scheme ran from October 2014 to April 2015.

The artists were: 

Jade Montserrat, Siân Goldby, Lydia Cottrell, Mark Carberry, 
Chantal Francis, Briar Adams, Laura Brera, Tania Soubry

The programme continued for a second year from October 2015 to April 2016.

Siân Goldby, Lydia Cottrell, Mark Carberry, Tania Soubry and Jade Montserrat
are now Associate Artists with the Collective.

Lydia Cottrell is a multi disciplinary performer and artist. In previous works she has created different alter egos that challenge institutionalised status quos and re-frame diversity awareness with her live performance, creating easily absorbed and engaging work. In the past she has created Miss Try Angle a faux drag queen, who has been a poster girl, a host, performer for Gary Clarke Company and film star and also The Burlesque Terrorist who won the Idea Assembly award from Live Art Bistro. Her other works include a reworking of the 1960 ballet for Ravel’s Bolero, exploring if the scene was to happen in a pub in the UK today with female binge drinking at and all time high and the cast of Geordie shore are role models. The work won the Drunken Nights commission and was mentored by David Rosenberg. She is also currently working the project HairStory, interviewing members of the public and collecting personal accounts on the topic of hair. Hairstory has undergone pilot projects in Doncaster for the DNweekeND, been a part of the SHINE programme for Light Night Leeds and is supported by the Chisenhale Dance Space Dance and the Homemade Commision.
"My practice is informed by my background in dance, live art and feminism, my practice is also largely autobiographical, I draw on my own personal experiences and find ways in which my experience relates to that of others. I have an interest in finding the peculiar movements that are choreographed in everyday life. Working through this source material sometimes characters and alter egos are formed sometimes I push myself to my most physical limits. I am compelled to make brutally honest work that questions the female body in performance and differing contexts."
While part of Cohort has gained venue support and two residency schemes at Dance City in Newcastle, Live Art Bistro in Leeds and The Quadrant in Romford.

Tania Soubry After completing a “premier prix” at the conservatoire of Luxembourg ,Tania studied at SEAD (the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), did a BA (hons) in Dance Theatre at LABAN (working with Athina Vahla and Kirsty Simson), danced with the postgraduate dance companyEDge at London Contemporary Dance School (working with Filip Van Huffel, Rosemary Butcher, Jonathan Lunn, Rosemary Lee, Gabriela Tropier and Rachel Krische ) and finished my MA there, consisting of my adaptation and performance of the solo entitled I’ll crane for you (2008), choreographed by Deborah Hay.She further completed an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths. In 2002 she was a dance web participant in Vienna. In 2004 she did a placement with the Trisha Brown Dance Company. She was involved in diverse projects as part of the cultural year 2007 in Luxembourg. In 2011 I was part of the dramaturgical pool as part of SARMA, Brussels. She danced for some companies and (dance) artists (i.g. Tino Seghal, Zephyr in Zanussi, Small Room Dance, Vangelis Legakis, Annick Pütz and Gianfranco Celestino), as well as in collaborations and within the collective Explorer. Since 2003 she creates her own work, such as Wholly, a solo touring as part of the Dance Roads Festival in Europe and Canada , the trio it (instead of twenty-one-words), shown at Les Repérages, France, the solo Back to the roots with Jimy, performed at the Luxembourg Dance Festival, Nancy and Zagreb, the solo adaptation I’ll crane for you, the duet Two people coming together, both performed among others at the Place in London, as well as Romania, Hong Kong and Luxembourg. In september 2013 she created and premiered a group piece entitled soulsongdances in Luxembourg. She did a one year Boost program, from May 2013-May 2014, consisting of 8 residencies throughout European dance/arts centres and theaters, for the project and duet with drummer Nuno Brito entitled beat’n’shine. She is currently participating in the choreographic research and composition programme entitled Prototype II, “Vocal presence in choreographic scores”, at Royaumont, in France. She has been assisting dance classes for kids at LABAN in 2003 and for Greenwich Dance Agency in 2005-2006. Since 2005 she has taught dance classes to kids from the age of three, including creative dance, ballet and contemporary dance, as well as teaching dance students from teenagers to adults, and teaching seniors, from primary and secondary schools, to private dance schools, to dance centers and through the council. She is particularly interested in the relation between music, songs, voice and singing, rhythm and dance.

Jade Montserrat has a BA in The History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and an MA in Drawing from Norwich University of Art. For the past two years her studio practice was based at Crescent Arts, Scarborough, during which time she received a Go-See bursary through AN to visit Venice Biennale, the I.B.Taurus Award from the LSE Review of Books and culminated in an exhibition, Market Prices, including sculptural installation and a publication. Market Prices is now temporarily housed at a project space called HOARD: Towards and Archaeology of an Artists Mind in Leeds. She is currently an Occupations resident artist at Performance Space. Crescent Arts collaborated with Bob and Roberta Smith on The Art Party Conference and Film, where she premiered Shadowing Josephine, a performance. She presented a paper, ‘Josephine as Doll’ for the conference ‘Literary Dolls’ on International Women’s Day at Durham University earlier this year.

Sian Goldby graduated with a first class degree in dance and culture studies from the University of Surrey in 2011, having completed a year-long professional placement working with Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance. Over the past three years, Siân has been working with sound and digital designer Sandy Dobson under the title of ‘Protocol Projects’. After receiving a Big Dance Microgrant in 2012, the pair debuted ‘The Protocol Project’ – an interactive and performance installation, incorporating digital technology, film, live movement and sound – at Siobhan Davies Studios. They were then commissioned by Guildford International Music Festival to create a site-specific piece in Guildford Castle, which ran for 2 days in March 2013. They are currently embarking on a period of R&D, expanding their collaborators to include a multi-media technologist, dancer and film maker. Siân was part of a pilot project by PAL (performing arts labs) based around community arts as a form of activism, and also took part in Dance Umbrella’s ‘The Group’ in 2012. As a writer, Siân has written for PAL, The Cultural Exposé, Independent Dance and Pulse: Asian Music and Dance. In arts administration, Siân has worked for The Ivy Arts Centre, The Barbican Arts Centre, Anjali Dance Company and The Albany. She is currently administrator at Independent Dance.
While part of Cohort has performed at Tate Modern Turbine Hall

Mark Carberry is from Limerick. He works as a solo performer and in collaboration with artists whose work questions, challenges and extends the peripheries of dance, choreography and performance.His performance work is informed by his daily movement practice in somatic training and improvisation techniques, taking shape in the form of performances, interactions, installations and happenings.