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This website offers you the latest news and info on the raging war between two of the worlds biggest gaming console flagships. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Also check out the History of the two console and don't forget to check out the picture gallery as well as voting for the console you think is best.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have both sold over 75 million consoles worldwide.They have entertained, shocked, and enveloped gamers in a virtual universe for the best part of a decade. 
However the time has now come for the next generation in gaming consoles. With both consoles now released, which one will you choose?

The Games Console War

Sony Computer Entertainment dominated the home games console industry, until Microsoft joined the fight in 2000, releasing the Xbox. 
This was the first time Sony had a serious contender in the games console industry. This was the start of the war between the two  I.T. giants Sony and Microsoft. 
Who knew that 14 years later the war still rages on. 

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