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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members belong to CAS?

Active membership averages 60-65 people. A typical meeting will average about 20 members plus guests. The Summer BBQ and Annual Holiday Meeting are about double this size.

How is CAS structured?

CAS is run by a Board that is elected annually at the Holiday Meeting. The Board includes a President, Vice President/Program Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Chairman, Web Master and three Officers-At-Large.

Are there dues or membership fees?

Yes, membership dues are $35 per year, payable when you first join and due by the end of January for existing members. Membership dues cover meeting expenses, general club administration costs and lunch that is served at each meeting.

What is included in a membership?

Members have access to the private members' web site that includes valuable audio information and access to the other members. The site includes discussion lists and many other helpful articles, announcements and member information.  Prior to each meeting, a free lunch is served and the club hosts a Summer BBQ and Annual Holiday Meeting that offer a larger spread. Most important, members have the opportunity to share audio interests with some of Connecticut’s most enthusiastic and knowledgeable audiophiles. The club has experts in many areas of audio and everyone shares in the willingness to help other members with information and advice.

How do I join CAS?

Typically, a prospective member is invited to attend one or two meetings as a guest in order to see what the meetings are like. It is an opportunity for prospective members to meet others and ask any questions about the organization. Joining the club is a simple matter of paying the annual dues, agreeing to the Club's Members' Code of Conduct and getting signed up to receive club information. To attend a future meeting please contact our Club Secretary and he would be happy to have you attend a CAS meeting.

How many new members join CAS each year?

The club includes many long standing members, some of whom date back to the founding of CAS in 1983.  In addition, the club adds about a dozen new members each year. If you think you might be interested in attending a meeting, please contact our Club Secretary and he'd be happy to have you visit a meeting and learn about the club first hand.

Are guests welcome at meetings?

Absolutely! CAS regularly includes guests at meetings. Some are prospective members who want to know more (many of whom join).  We also have frequent guests from neighbouring audio clubs in New York, New Jersey and Massechusetts. We also have guest presenters including equipment manufacturers, audio columnists, technical experts, audio legends and area professionals. To attend a future meeting plase contact our Club Secretary and he will set you up.

What’s a typical meeting like?

Meetings are held every two months. Each meeting has a theme ranging from auditioning gear to equipment shoot-outs to music listening. All meetings take place on Saturday afternoons from noon until about 3:30 pm. Attendance is entirely optional. Our Program Chairman publishes an annual calendar indcating the dates, topics and locations of the meetings. This information is available on the members' web site and summarized on the Welcome! page on this site. Locations and driving directions are included on the members' only site. A typical meeting starts with an informal lunch which followed by a brief business meeting. Then the featured program begins and discussion follows. Most featured topics last about one to two hours followed by informal discussions and/or listening sessions. The club hosts a series on the subject of music servers and alternative means for music playback including LP, tape, CD, DVD, SACD and hi-res computer audio. Club members have been learning about the different technical approaches and evaluating the sonic qualities of each.

What audio interests do members have?

The Club membership attracts diverse range of ages and backgrounds. The common point is that everybody shares in a love of music and/or music reproduction. As you might expect, musical tastes are extremely broad. Interests run the gamut from tube/analog hi-fi to all-digital home theater. We have speaker builders, antique audio collectors, audio purists, electronic DIY wizards, audio history buffs and music collectors.