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Computer "Break Fix" services in the greater Fortaleza area.
Since 1999
R$45 standard services fee includes:  On-site repair**, anti-spy, antivirus and optimization.
R$50 minimum:  Re-installation of Windows, etc. and customer software.  Standard services are included at no extra charge.
R$100 minimum:  Installation of motherboard or system build.  Includes all the previous services!
Buy your parts at the best price, then let me build your custom system, testing all parts and only installing and configuring the software you really need.
Optional services include: Router and wireless installation and configuration, Data recovery, upgrades, software testing, consultation and training.
**Service is by appointment only.  Standard Service Fee is to repair one (1) computer, multiple discounts available for more than one machine.  I use public transportation (ónibus) and always try to be on time.
Service to outlying beaches and to the Interior extra.  Licencie autónomo Fortaleza on request.
Maintenance contracts welcome.  Drop by service is welcome, please call first!