Comedy Workshop

What's so funny? You are!

Award winning writer/director Tim Ferrell's stand-up comedy workshop is a seven week comedy boot camp that offers a unique opportunity to be immersed in the stand-up comedy experience.  Every Monday night starting January 18, students will learn the fundamentals of writing, developing and performing their own comedy material. This intensive, fun, collaborative program is designed for performers and non-performers alike. The workshop concludes with a graduation showcase. 

Ferrell, who's taught workshops across the country brings over 20 years of experience in writing, directing, and performing comedy. Former students include Jon Stewart, Ray Romano and Chris Rock. Ferrell was the director of The Usual Suspects improv comedy troupe in NYC, co-founder of the corporate comedy group Laughingstock Comedy Company and now heads The Comedy Workshop.

Workshop starts Monday, January 18th.

The cost of the workshop is $350.00. Class size is limited.

Classes will meet 6pm-9pm for 7 consecutive Mondays.

Location is the Mad Horse Theatre space at 24 Mosher St. in South Portland.

For more information, contact Tim Ferrell at 207 650 7711

IMPROV Comedy Workshops Coming Soon
Learn the fundamentals of improvisational comedy in this fun, interactive, energizing workshop. Improvisation is a unique form of comedy because we are making it up as we go along. (Think: “Who’s Line is it Anyway”It’s spontaneous, entertaining, and always, always  fun. 
This seven week intensive workshop is designed to include everything from beginner to advanced games and since improv is ensemble driven, you are never alone!
The workshop will conclude with your performance for an invited audience of friends and family. No performance experience necessary. Class size is limited