The Collaborative Family Study 

EARN UP TO $200!!!!

*Participate in a study of families of

adolescents with and without developmental


*Adolescents ages 12 and 13 and a parent

*ONLY two 2 1/2 hr visits at UCLA-1 at age 13

and 1 at age 15

*Complete surveys, interviews and problem-

solving tasks

*Free Parking 

*Free Snacks

Who We Are

Our Study:

  •  A multi-site research project at UCLA and UCR
  • Funded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development  

Our Staff:
  • Two university professors, with extensive experience in child development
  • Three psychological consultants
  • Doctoral graduate students
  • Full-time research associates

What We Are Interested In:

  • Development of emotional and behavioral self-regulation in children from early childhood through adolescence 
  • Learning about how children and their families handle a variety of situations at different stages in their life 
  • Families of children who are typically developing or who have intellectual disabilities.