Slash Recs

Here be slash. 

Lessons by uktechgirl. (Jack/Turlough, All Ages, ~4,100 words)

This works unbelievably well. A wet-behind-the-ears Jack visits Turlough at school just prior to Mawdryn Undead; he's there to get a reading for the Time Agency, and Turlough's determined to find a way off of Earth. Turlough is written just dead-on, and it's fabulous fun to watch minxy, conniving Turlough outthink a green Jack (which you don't see enough of in fic). Add in some hilarious bits (Jack's ideas of fashion in the 1980s), some meta bits (thoughts on ages of schoolboys and that Jack ends up wearing Ten's outfit), and some hot bits and you get something really different and very clever and very fun.


Guy Fawkes Has Nothing On Us by Miss Pamela. (Mickey/Jake, PGish, ~1200 words)

This gets the possibility of a Mickey/Jake relationship just right – little details that build on themselves, and it ends up playing out gently but surely. There's a bit of action, fighting the Cybermen in Paris, and excellent examination of what it would be like to stay behind in the parallel world. Most importantly, Mickey's pain and loss about Rose is dealt with honestly, with the right amount of understatement, and thus when the relationship blooms, it feels entirely truthful and possible.

"Bacchus, Ever Fair and Young" by aces. (AU, Turlough/Fifth Doctor, Turlough/Tenth Doctor, R, ~2000 words)

Turlough might be exiled on Earth, stuck in the 1980s at uni, but there's good drugs and sex, and he's cool with that. An AU Turlough who didn't end up at Brendan, this one likes them dark, or blond, and always pretty. Ten's willing enough, Five less so, but Turlough manages to get his way, in loud clubs and public spaces. The ending nicely wraps things up, more neatly than you could have imagined from the set-up, and throughout the writing of Turlough's character – in this incarnation – is terrific. It's hot and twisty and I'm really, really cool with that.

Ships Passing by Srin. (Sergeant Benton/Jack Harkness, PG, ~1000 words)

I'm won over by Benton fic alone, but this is also a terrific little story. Jack's spaceship (pre-Empty Child) breaks down in front of UNIT HQ, and he gets just a little bit friendly with the locals. Benton is spot-on perfect, there's a very funny appearance by the Brig ("I can hardly concern myself with every civilian who breaks down in front of – Did you say invisible spaceship?"), and the way the Jack/Benton part plays out had me in joyful hysterics. A great bit of fic for some sorely underrepresented UNIT characters, and a fabulous, unique pairing.