Het Recs

Here be het. 

NEW The Power of Pol by Van Donovan. (Ben/Polly, PG, ~ 1,600 words)

This is just delightful: written for me in a ficathon, it gets Ben and Polly exactly right, and they are just too cute for words here. Polly gets to wear a fabulous dress, Ben gets to see her turn it into a mini, they fight Cybermen – the perfect returning enemy for them to face - and there's even a cameo by a young Harry! Sweet, funny, and a loving look at some very underrepresented characters.


Doctors and Nurses by uktechgirl. (Ace/Hex, Seventh Doctor, PG, ~2,350 words)

This is so in-character it almost hurts; every word could be coming straight from my favourite of the audios. It's quiet and subtle and gorgeous: there's a war on, and no one is left unscathed, but through the grimness and devastation and blood and horror, there's a little bit of hope. From field triage to plastic surgery on Barbie dolls to a heart-breakingly just-about-shippy conclusion, with spot-on dialogue and an amazing sense of time and place in between, this made my heart sing.


Bonsai by Elliptic Eye. (Seventh Doctor/Peri, R, ~2,000 words).

This is an incredible piece: just beautifully written, thoughtful, and also really, unexpectedly, hot. The Doctor here is Seven to a T, and Peri comes across as very sympathetic, very real. This story goes into such depth in so few words about the universe the Doctor and his companions inhabit: the idea of needing vs. wanting, forgetting, remembering, and creating your own history. It's twisty and imaginative, and wraps up the good and the bad all together into one amazing, if at times somewhat deliciously uncomfortable, whole. It's a fabulous piece of work.


Photocopy by agapi42. (Ian/Barbara, First Doctor, PG, ~1,200 words)

This is heart-breaking and beautiful. The story is actually about another Ian – one from an alternate timeline in the PDA The Time Travellers. It's a fantastic book, and a fantastic hook for a fic, and we see the options – what could have been, the slight alteration, the smudge of ink, the wedding ring. As always, this Ian is strong, moral, funny, and in love with Barbara through all his iterations. Lovingly written, I think this would be enjoyable without having read the book, because it's so Ian, and his love, and his hope, and his amazingly large heart.


The World, The Universe by Doyle. (Ace/Hex, Seventh Doctor, PG, ~1,800 words).

This absolutely gorgeous story goes AU after The Settling, but knowledge of that story isn't particularly required (though it gives some context). After trying holidays to get Hex to stay, and adventures where he realizes that this isn't who he wants to be, he leaves the TARDIS to go and help the world – so utterly in character. The whole story is incredibly sweet without being the tiniest bit sappy – exactly as romantic as Ace/Hex could ever be, and completely satisfying. Add in fabulous details about the TARDIS, Ace trying to pick up girls for Hex at a bar, and drunken almost-kisses, and overall it's a heart-wrenchingly perfect slice of fic for a very underrepresented character and pairing.


Once Upon A Time by Atraphoenix. (Ian/Barbara, PG, ~1,200 words).

A beautiful story (written for me!), describing Ian's growth and journey through life and love, and his beliefs. The structure is terrific, with the story spinning out around a core of fairy tales, and using all sorts of little tricks like pointing out the narrative conventions being (currently) subverted. We see the world and Barbara through his eyes – and get to see a kick-ass moment for Barbara – and it's loving, creative, and thoughtful. Poisoned apples, and cursed spinning wheels. No kisses just yet., Ian thinks, waiting for his chance to be the knight on a white horse – or as best as he can be, whatever Barbara needs. Lovely work.


Bright Star by eponymous_rose. (Ian/Barbara, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Luke Smith, First Doctor, Susan, Vicki, Third Doctor, PG-13, ~7,700 words).

Epic and brilliant, this story spins out a non-linear adventure and love story for Ian and Barbara, and unexpectedly but beautifully, tells us about Sarah Jane, as well. There's UST, romance, a touch of sex, happiness, ever-afters, danger, and adventure galore – everything that happens in life, especially a life with the Doctor, all of it, the good and the bad. The guest stars are all perfectly used, and with some terrific lines: "It's enough to give anyone a headache," Harry said sympathetically. / "Oh, Ian's just easily baffled," said Barbara. which made me laugh out loud, and "It's a lovely elbow," said Barbara politely. / "Thank you," Ian said. "But I have heard good things about certain other portions of my anatomy." which was too perfect – and sexy – for words, this is an absolute delight.


Learn How To Be You In Time by LizBee. (Romana II/Duggan, Liz Shaw, PG, ~1,300 words)

Oh, my soul. This is a gorgeous piece, bringing back the marvellous Duggan from City of Death, and throwing him and Romana into the Year That Never Was. Time Lords aren't easy people to know, but Duggan, with his big heart and good faith, tries his best, and between romance in shattered cafes, proposals involving piles of rocks, death, and rewinding, this manages to be heart-breakingly beautiful while also funny and insightful. "I'd forgotten you were crazy," Duggan says, and he must be crazy to deal with some of the things that come his way from knowing Romana, but somehow, these two crazy kids make it work.


Few of days, full of trouble by Rivrea. (Mickey/Ace, G, 1000 words).

Five pitch-perfect little ways that Mickey and Ace could have (and should have) met; each is a gorgeous little slice of possibility. From a thirtyish woman in some retro punk outfit, who’s chain-smoking in the corner, to time-hoppers, to the idea of Ace joining the Ten, Rose, and Mickey TARDIS crew, to kissing in the Trevi fountain, the writing is lovely, intriguing, and even manages to play with time a little bit, something that's always delightful in this fandom.


One More Time by rivendellrose. (Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith, Luke, G, ~2600 words).

Just a fabulous story, sweet and gently funny and softly romantic. Harry is ever-so Harry in this, proposing to Sarah thirteen times already (including the one time he was drunk at a UNIT party), and trying just one more time, even if it's starting to really wear on his joints, all this kneeling before her. There are great mentions of other favourites (Brigadier Benton and (former) Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart wanting Sarah to accept so Harry will stop whining about it!) and Luke has a small, but spot-on role. I don't usually ship Sarah and Harry and still found myself cheering; this is a little gem.


Andromeda by orbythesea. (Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith, G, ~1900 words).

A brilliant take on Harry and Sarah post-School Reunion but pre-Sarah Jane Adventures. It's a heartbreaking but utterly plausible and realistic take on the characters, broken and impatient Sarah with her Andromeda (the chained maiden), and poor, sweet Harry, who would be so good for her, if they could just see each other properly. While there are a few construction and grammatical errors, this story pulls no punches, but is beautiful all the same, and a lovely piece of work.


Space Between by Biichan. (First Doctor/the Rani, Susan, R, ~2450 words).

This is frankly brilliant: it's hilarious and well-written, with a great plot, and also manages to get in all sorts of terrific little bits of fanon about Gallifrey, Time Lords, and that band of rogues the Doctor ran with that I loved. One and Susan meet up with Susan's granny once again, now ruling over a planet in exile, as imperious and brilliant as always. We get Susan's backstory, the Rani causing Susan's interest in and stay on Earth, meeting people in the wrong order, some well-deserved (and tasteful!) getting it on for One, and I even enjoyed the reference to the Looms, for goodness' sake. Rassilon approves.


As Ordinary Things Often Do by Doyle. (Rose/Benton, Martha/Harry, PG, 3500 words)

This just might be my favourite fic in the history of ever. It was written for me in a ficathon where I’d requested these two pairings (my crack OTPs) as well as the idea that “genetic transfer through kissing” could have hilarious time-travelling, crime-solving possibilities for Rose and Martha. Doyle managed to turn this silliness into something that, while still very funny, is also extremely well written, has absolutely dead-on characterization, and is packed with small truths about time travel and choices. With the bonuses of neat AU turns off of canon, a cameo by another woman who’s been kissed by the Doctor, the Brigadier, swimsuits that take hours to do up, cracks on Torchwood, K-9 and UNIT dating problems, a Harry who’s still quite the navy man, and a last line for Benton that broke my heart into happy pieces – and especially, pairings that really truly totally work omg – this is, on the whole, a fantastic piece of work.

Light and Shadow by evry-lil-breeze. (Seventh Doctor/Ray [Delta and the Bannermen], R, ~2700 words)

Objectively, Delta and the Bannermen might not be one of the Seventh Doctor’s best serials, but I thought it was tremendous fun, and in particular I absolutely adored spunky, mechanically-minded Ray. This is a sweet story, set a few years later, with the Doctor accidentally ending up in Ray’s little Welsh village, and discovering that sometimes maybe he can stay, just for a little while. Ray is written wonderfully, Ace and the Doctor’s relationship is also well drawn, and overall while the story is slight, it’s also cute, possible, and rather hot.


In the Wrong Order by LizBee. (Fifth Doctor/Rose, PG-13, ~2200 words)

Oh, about sums it up – this is absolutely lovely and ever-so-much fun. I’m a huge fan of Rose/other!Doctors and this fic makes Rose/Five really, truly work; they feel like a natural fit, and give evidence that they’d make a cracking team. Set shortly after the Doctor’s regeneration from Nine to Ten, the Fifth Doctor ends up at the Powell Estate, where he and Rose have oblique conversations about temporal radiation and things she can’t tell him, fix the TARDIS together, have adorable chemistry, and have a good snog. And they both learn something from the experience, which is the icing on the cake.


The Girl From Someone Else’s Future by Nostalgia. (Tenth Doctor/Zoe, R, ~800 words)

Another absolutely heartbreaking, yet gorgeous and compelling Zoe fic. Ten visits Zoe, (mostly) all grown up, living her organized life in her linear, efficient world, and remembering nothing (except, maybe, dreams of things that never were). Each character’s voice is dead on, from a Doctor who knows he shouldn’t do this and yet can’t stop himself from leaving a mark, to a Zoe who admits to possibilities but hasn’t had the experience to let her free herself from her background and upbringing. This is beautiful and cold, and the last two lines are devastating.


End of Devils by Sheila Adamson. (Ben/Polly, G, 2050 words)

This adorable story gives us Ben and Polly's view on old skool events from beyond their time with the Doctor, referencing The Daemons specifically but the life of a companion afterwards generally. It's absolutely lovely, with terrific characterizations and a sweet and slightly probing look at the afterwards, without being soppy or at all preachy or trite. The Master shows up, a hilarious addition, there are some terrific lines, and overall it's a wonderful, cute and clever little piece, with some characters I adore but are completely underused in fic, and deserve this sort of realistic happily-ever-after.


A Little Rest for the Wounds by Calapine. (Tenth Doctor/Ileana de Santos, R, ~700 words).

Ileana is from the Loups-Garoux audio, and as that suggests, she is indeed a werewolf; her interactions with the Fifth Doctor are revisited during a meeting with the Tenth Doctor in this short but very effective piece. The story is beautifully written, with lines such as On his back, her nails are claws are nails are claws which just pop with imagery, and both characters are perfectly drawn, with the Doctor looking for a little respite from his worries and his past, and Ileana being able to see through him, and show his fallibilities. It works wonderfully.


Pipe Dreams by rainyd. (Tenth Doctor/Rose, PG, ~2200 words)

A gorgeous take on 'Rose remembering the events of Parting of the Ways', this piece carefully and slowly takes us through a build-up so that when she remembers, it feels truthful and plausible. Repetition is used perfectly, with dreams and colours, and Rose's character is handled very lovingly, and the Doctor's characterization is spot-on. It's dark and rather sad, with a romantic subplot that gives the story a bit of hope without being sappy or intrusive (there's a strong gen element to the affair), and is overall very affecting.

Closed Circle by Calapine. (First Doctor/Rose, G, ~1300 words)

Beautiful and heartbreaking, this is a tremendous story, and not at all crackfic as the pairing might suggest. Rose is an old woman, now, and one who has always loved and been loved by the Doctor; she returns to him, at the beginning, and we get a fascinating look at the circularity of time, and the way endings can be a beginning too. Careful, gentle storytelling and lyrical writing are the icing on the cake; she is old and she has always been in love, Rose reflects, a great premise with top-notch execution.

Seven Words and a Metaphor by LizBee. (Eighth Doctor/Romana II, PG-13, ~1500 words)

A lovely little piece wherein Romana, President of Gallifrey, engages the Eighth Doctor in a battle of wits and they both come to a realization of how much they need each other (and depend upon each other being exactly as they are, flaws and all). It's almost entirely dialogue, and it absolutely sparkles, something you don't often see in fic, and the characters come across wonderfully. You can see bits of all the Doctors in Eight, and it all comes together very sweetly, with a good dose of sharp humour.

Five Things That Don't Usually Happen When The Doctor and Rose Get It On by Red Scharlach. (Ninth Doctor/Rose, R, ~500 words)

Even as a Nine/Rose fan, it's great to see fabulous humour fic like this, where the idea of perfect mutual compatibility between humans and aliens (and our main human and alien in particular) is skewered. Each scenario is hilarious, from awkwardness, a lack of genitalia, quality control issues, euphemisms attacking, and my personal favourite, the interplay of regenerative powers and orgasm (And also, that was just the best EVER). Sure to make you laugh until you cry.

All Your Beliefs by Doyle. (AU, Ian/Barbara, PG, ~3000 words)

Branching off from canon after The Dalek Invasion of Earth: what if Ian and Barbara had been left behind with Susan? This story explores this idea and absolutely kicks ass in doing so. It's terribly clever, with many fascinating layers and excellent characterizations. Susan's storyline and character is dealt with particularly well, something that I always find interesting and glad to find in fic, and Barbara and Ian are so amazingly them, even in this strange, unknown world, with a strong, capable Barbara to boot. They live their lives, they love, they do what they can, and when things go wrong, there is still survival, and hope. This absolutely broke my heart, but the journey was completely worth it.

Like Burning by Nostalgia. (Tenth Doctor/Romana I/Romana II, R, ~1400 words)

This combines quite a few of my interests - rare (very rare) het, a wee bit of femslash, and timestream crossing - as well as being dark and twisted and insightful and very hot. The Doctor dreams, and even then he can't have everything he wants, the two women who are one really only reminding him of what he has done in the Time War and what he has lost. It's strange and complicated and sad, and goes to town with the weirdness inherent in the show's canon - continuity is for people who like things to be linear, the Doctor observes, and if that doesn't get at the heart of what you can do with DW fanfic, I don't know what does.

Something To It by Neenie. (Ian/Barbara, PG, 630 words)

Ian is not in love; he is just imagining it. A dead-on portrayal of Ian, showing the attraction between him and Barbara before they ever met the Doctor. The story is beautifully written – the style suits the subject matter perfectly – and it's all so very possible, and feels so real. It's short and sweet and clever, with some lovely details, and also manages to break my heart, the way they're dancing around each other, and the way Ian values his friendship with Barbara too much to think he could ever act on his attraction. Just a wonderful story.

Harry and the Tuesday Girl by Amy Wolf. (Harry Sullivan/author-created Doctor, PG, 3 chapters, ~8000 words)

Reaching into the past, present and future at the same time, we have companions from the Fourth Doctor era, Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith, a companion from the Ninth Doctor era, Jack Harkness, as well as a post-Tenth, author-created Doctor. Who's a woman. Normally not quite my thing, this Doctor is perfectly realized, a true gem and immediately, insistently still the Doctor. Correspondingly, everyone around her is beautifully characterized as well, but none so much as our lead, Harry, who is exactly who he should be, and so much more as well. This story is about Harry, and he's wonderful, clever, still slightly clueless, a fair bit of ruthless, and clinging to happilys, if willing to forsake the ever-after. An underutilized character in both canon and fanfic, Harry is one of my favourites, and this will make you love him too. Full of great continuity details and joy and deep sadness and action and humour and love, this story gets each bit right. Fantastic in every way.

Marbella, 1989 by The Royal Anna. (Ninth Doctor/Rose, G, 500 words)

A wee little coda to Parting of the Ways, a possibility of what could have happened in Marbella, where the Doctor suggested they could run away to rather than fight the Daleks. It's absolutely lovely, with gorgeous writing and imagery, is utterly true to the characters, and it's even got a bit of humour and is still very observationally sharp and heartbreaking a year on from that finale. There's so much light, Rose observes, and in a few more well-chosen words, the relationship and Rose's character are perfectly summed up.