Message from the Director

We started the journey as a concept. Now, PCDC is a reality. 
Thanks to the tremendous support from member NGOs, socially responsible corporates, government departments, communication experts, communities, journalists and volunteers, we are now present and working in all parts of Pakistan. And the appreciation is growing. Our members are finding PCDC useful for organizational communication capacity development, fund raising, visibility & outreach, linkages development, knowledge management and impact assessments. We are grateful to all friends and well wishers for supporting this pioneering initiative. You are most welcome to join us too. Let us add some magic of communication in your work and witness the change!
Aftab Iqbal

PCDC Call for Partnership 2015

We are Looking for Credible Organizations from All Over Pakistan to Establish Long-Term Partnerships for Project ImplementationNGOs, Trusts, Foundations, Hospitals, Universities, Orphanages, Shelters for Women/Children/Disabled, Private Firms, Media Organizations and Research Institutions working in the field of Education, Health, Water & Sanitation, Human Rights, Poverty Reduction, Community Mobilization, Micro-Credit, Advocacy, Child Protection, Disability Rights, Youth Development, Peace & Harmony, Infrastructure Development, Humanitarian Assistance, Arts & Culture and Civic Education are eligible to apply for project implementation partnerships with PCDC. 

Multiple funding opportunities are available right now - Contact immediately to discuss your chances of collaboration!.

PCDC to Develop Communication Strategy of SPDC ... read more
Strategic Planning Discussed at Human Appeal Pakistan ... read more
Strategic Planning Workshop for Sahil ... Read more
Knowledge Management and Communication Workshop for UNDP ... read more


PCDC is pleased to produce the biggest, most comprehensive resource on Climate Change & Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in PakistanClick Here to know more ...
IEC Materials Developed for Interfaith Harmony Campaign ... read more
IEC Materials Developed for MNCH Project in Chitral ... read more

Latest Funding Announcements for NGOs

Small Grants for NGOs, Health Workers & Researchers Pak Rupees 500,000 
Research Funding on Issues of IDPs US$ 200,000 
Peace & Harmony through Dialogue US$ 55,000 max 
Mother & Child Health Projects US$ 500,00,000 
Construction & repair of girls education institutions Pak rupees 7,50,000 
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NGO Jobs in Pakistan

PostLocationLast Date
Consultancy Opportunity for Communication Experts  Islamabad 2 Sep 2014 
Communication Expert Islamabad 12 Sep 2014 
Communication Specialist Islamabad 5 Sep 2014 
International Training & Job Opportunities for Disaster Response Professionals New York & other stations 15 Aug 
Communication Manager Islamabad 20 Jun 
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Scholarship/Fellowships for NGOs

Intercultural dialogue and harmony Four months USA  
Training event on human rights & gender equality five days European country 
Fellowship in Europe for Young Pakistani Activists Two weeks European country 
Fully-paid Scholarship for Young NGO Activists One week USA 
Fully Paid Fellowships for Young Professionals One Year USA 
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NGO Training & Workshops

FieldLocationDurationLast Date
Organizational Development Karachi Two days 13 Apr 
Internships are offered in the field of Environment, Peace Security, Diplomacy and Governance Geneva One to six months Applicants are finalized on rolling basis. Apply now to improve your chances. 
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EoIs for Consultants in Pakistan

Org TypeSectorLast Date
International Organization in Pakistan Support to Women Affected by Violence 5 Jan 2015 
International NGO in Pakistan Gender 25 Dec 2014 
International nonprofit organization in Pakistan Media management and promotion of activities 31 Dec 2014 
International Organization in Pakistan Training on Theater Performance of Youth Groups 10 Nov 2014 
Consultancy Opportunity for Communication Experts on DRR Disaster Risks and Reduction 15 Nov 2014 
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Business Opportunities in NGOs

  • Contractor/Firms Required to Manage Guest Houses in Islamabad International Development Agency is looking for contractor/firms to manage its four guest houses in Islamabad. Contractors with management and food services experience can apply for long term contract. Last ...
    Posted May 4, 2014, 7:12 PM by PCDC Islamabad
  • Consultants in Karachi for Survey on Knowledge & Behaviors International Reproductive Health Rights Organization Needs Consultants in Karachi for Survey on Knowledge & Behaviors of specific audience. Last date to apply is 18 May 2014. Contact PCDC for details.
    Posted May 4, 2014, 12:40 AM by PCDC Islamabad
  • International Development Agency Need IT Training Agency/Firm/Institution An international development agency is inviting quotations from reputed information technology agencies/firms and institutions for long term training and capacity development of its project partners. The training would be ...
    Posted May 3, 2014, 11:32 PM by PCDC Islamabad
  • Vehicles Required for Hire by NGO in Islamabad An international humanitarian organization based in Islamabad is looking for qualified parties to hire several luxury vehicles on contractual basis at its offices. Last date to apply is 5 May ...
    Posted May 3, 2014, 11:31 PM by PCDC Islamabad
  • Vehicles Required for Hire by NGO in Sindh An organization based in Sindh is looking for qualified parties to hire two luxury vehicles on contractual basis for 6 months at its offices in district Jacobabad. Last date to ...
    Posted May 3, 2014, 11:36 PM by PCDC Islamabad
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Monthly Update on NGOs in Pakistan

Awam Nama عوام نامہ
Collaboration between PCDC and monthly 'Atraaf' magazine for regular updates on the NGO sector in Pakistan. Its the first and only account of best practices, success stories and issues faced by development sector organizations in the country. 
Please contact us if you have a story that can motivate and inspire fellow Pakistanis for more good work. We will write about you in Awan Nama and share it with readers around the world. 
کیا آپ کی تنظیم اور رضاکار منفرد اور اہم خدمات انجام دے رہے ہیں؟ ہمیں اپنے بارے میں بتائیں۔ ہم عوام نامہ کے ذریعے آپ کے کام کو ساری دنیا میں پھیلائیں گے۔ ابھی رابطہ کریں۔
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Trainings in 2015

New Member

Pakistan Centre for Development Communication extends a warm and hearty welcome to its newest member ... the British Council – Pakistan. read more ... 
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Floods Donors Directory

Directory of Organizations Providing Relief to Flood Affected People in Pakistan 2014 - click here for details.

50 Humanitarian Donors in Pakistan

Directory of 50 Humanitarian Donors in Pakistan

Policies & Procedures Manual for NGOs

Organizational Development Support for NGOs
Largest OD Resource for NGOs in Pakistan

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