Our Mission

The Center assists The Citadel with its mission of educating and preparing graduates to become principled leaders in all walks of life. The Center accomplishes its mission by providing support to all Citadel students, both undergraduate and graduate, through the:

  • Enhancement of writing skills
  • Development of learning strategies
  • Enhancement of math skills
  • Enhancement of reading skills
  • Improvement of academic performance in content areas
  • Provision of services for students with disabilities
  • Provision of academic support for Citadel athletes

In sponsoring these academic support programs and in all other areas, the Center assures that its efforts are in concert with the objectives of the academic departments and the mission statement of The Citadel. 

In support of its mission, the Center also has goals and objectives.

            Objective One: Provision of Services to Wide Audience

                Goal: Provide effective academic support for undergraduate and graduate students.

            Objective Two: Awareness of Center Programs

                Goal: Create an awareness of Center programs and services among the campus community.