What We Believe

People should, to the best of their ability and knowledge, only do that which is right.

We should all respect our only planet and do what we can to aid the creatures which live on it and promote the well being of nature if only because we are a part of the natural world.

Everyone should be free to worship as they please without persecution or criticism.

Further, we believe that the earth is in danger, not the rocks, which are pretty tough, but the green part on the outside where the humans, animals, insects, bacteria, plants, and other self-reproducing things live.

We also believe that corporations and governments, being run and controlled in large part by a very tiny fraction of humanity, probably less than 1 million out of all the billions of humans on the planet and trillions of tons of other beings and plants are actively destroying the planet we all have to live on, either for fanatical religious reasons of ignorance, or simply because they believe their wealth will permit them and perhaps their descendants for a few generations, to live at the top of the heap and, pardon me, "to hell with everyone else!"

WE don't feel that way, we think that, if there is any divine plan we are here to make life more bearable for the hungry children of the world.

We also believe that even if there is NO divine plan this is just an eminently sensible, logical way to live because it will make life better for everyone and everything, even ourselves so that from a purely selfish viewpoint we should all work to keep the planet livable.

We feel that EVEN billionaires deserve to live on a planet with clean air and water, not just the ones like the Gates and Warren Buffet, but also those who rape the planet and take risks with investments that, if they go wrong, can plunge millions of people into poverty.

We just don't think they should be allowed to keep their billions of dollars made at the expense of the 99.95% of us who don't get to control the world.

Lastly, we believe that The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is a more useful guide to how the universe actually works than some book written for a rural bronze age civilization, although those books may well be a better guide to what the afterlife is like.

We also believe that the Handbook should be taught in schools while the ancient book(s) should be read and taught in appropriate, but not necessarily all churches.