Our Pastors

Sheep may safely grqze
Rev. John McCormick is a scientist who has been writing about the environment, medicine, science and other topics for decades. He also owned an organic ranch and animal rescue just outside Punxsutawney, PA, the home of Groundhog Day.
He, John, not Groundhog Phil, has studied religion, philosophy, and science (physics, chemistry, astrophysics - also taught differential equations (NEIT), karate (Shim Gum Do), and astronomy(NU)) at various schools including Harvard University.
He has been published more than 17,000 times (paid and edited, not blogs and such), edited and paid by nearly 200 professional editors, including those at Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, is a Silver Owl member of The National Press Club, a former member of MENSA, a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which funded the defense in the Scopes Monkey trial) and has been commended for his work with the disabled by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Governor Ann Richard. 
John has also served as Emergency Management Coordinator for two Pennsylvania Municipalities and is currently a volunteer for ServPA as a medical responder for The Commonwealth.

(NEIT - New England Institute of Transportation Management; NU - Northeastern University; Shim Gum Do - Zen Buddhist academy)

Rev. Beth Goldie has shared John's work for decades, worked for the Federal Government, and cared for the animals on the ranch and, as you can see they cared for her in return - an example of how we should interact with nature rather than work so hard to destroy it.