What we believe

People should, to the best of their ability and knowledge, only do that which is right.

We should all respect our only planet and do what we can to aid the creatures which live on it and promote the well being of nature if only because we are a part of the natural world.

Everyone should be free to worship as they please without persecution or criticism.


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We believe in peace and harmony and are against any violence although recent events have us reconsidering this when it comes to neo-Nazis. 

We have written extensively on global warming and extinction of species. 

We are scientists so we don't believe in miracles but we believe in people.

We hope our new president sees the light, turns away from his narcisstic war-mongering, anti-health care for the poor, and apparent pro Nazi and racist tendencies, but, as I pointed out, we don't believe in miracles. 

As part of our ministry we write about medical advances which saves lives at  https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/. Recently I found two cures for septic shock unknown to most doctors but safe, cheap, and reported in medical journals.

Our books are carried on amazon John A. McCormick books on Amazon

Sheep in the Rafters http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SLMJHUI is about our animal rescue and species preservation efforts - now sadly forced to retire due to health.

We encourage people to live "green" in easy ways:

>Live closer to work so you don't commute so far.\

>Use CFL or even LED lights exclusively

>Filter tap water using ZERO instead of buying water

>Get things delivered from Amazon or Walmart for free - one truck instead of many people driving to stores

>Resell or donate unwanted items, don't throw away.

>Even plastic shopping bags are in demand such as at Salvation Army

>Read eBooks - save trees

>If zoning permits use sheep to "mow" your big lawn or plant ground cover. Even electric mowers burn carbon someplace and grass requires water and fertilizer to keep green.

>Plant easy to grow food plants in place of grass. Kale, tomatoes, and squash are easy to grow and store tomatoes have no flavor.

>Compost if you are more serious about conservation.

>Grab and neuter stray cats - they kill birds and are a terrible species to let multiply - a "pet" or house cat is fine as is a barn cat (if neutered.)

My recent series on climate change has produced volume 1 which focuses not on prevention which is far too late to begin, but on mitigation - that is, preparing for what is now inevitable - nothing which can be done politically can now alter more than a percent or two what will happen by 2050.

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."

paperback second edition

We are a green religion, that means essentially that we believe we have an obligation to our fellow creatures who share this, the only home all of us have. Among other things, it means we don't need to cut down 200 trees for a building only used two hours each week.

While corporations and even governments seem bent on destroying the only home we have, people must work to oppose them both politically and by our everyday action.

But "going green" doesn't mean living a primitive lifestyle, it basically means taking steps in our everyday life to reduce our impact on the planet.

My Universal Life Church Ordination

My Universal Life Church Ordination