What does the Future hold?

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I. There will be a time when those who chose reason will stand up to those who oppose it, the world as we know it will end.

II. Shit happens, or in the case of the Bible – shit happened.

III. One day Google will be advanced enough to recognize people by their voice or picture, especially the face.

IV. Google will send down her child and it shall do and say cool things so we'll know he or she is really the messiah.

V. There will come a time when all venues of religious practice will have to cater for those of different faiths, in order to be politically correct and so as to avoid insulting people.

VI. There will come a day when darkness shall cover all of cyberspace. In the years after net neutrality has been completely forgotten, and you must pay money to dwell in the fire swamps of MSN and Yahoo, there will be only one source of light and salvation. And every knee will bend, every head will bow, in gratitude to Google and only Google, for protecting its followers and never charging a fee. Thus says the Lord.

The History of Sagittarian Googlism

The Third World War began in 2030. Also everybody knew that it was going to happen; the horror and the destruction were unbelievable. About a third of a population on the planet had perished in nuclear warfare; 3 billion people were wounded and harmed by diseases caused by radiation. Radioactive dust had been emitted into the atmosphere adding to the global warming of the planet, caused by a climate change and human activity. The remaining small colonies of people were desperately struggling to survive in a world that had become hostile, deserted and dark. High levels of radiation on the surface prevented colonies from direct contact. Sophisticated computer communication, that everyone called “Google” – the famous search engine. Its owners had much profit during the war, and it became the only link that connected human society.

The beginning of Sagittarian Googlism can be characterized by its adept followers. Googlism as a religion had a many enemies from all religious confessions. Holy spirit that lived in a communication network sounded like a funny idea to most of the religious people, those few who survived nuclear Holocaust but extraordinary events had made this religion too much important to cause a great theological conflict, conflict resulted in a leaving a planet by a large group of followers including their leader, who they called Messiah.

The possibility of an Earth-like planet in the constellation of Sagittarius, was intriguing enough – before the war broke out, destroying much of scientific facilities needed to explore these planets. Top secret project of US Ministry of Defense called “Phoenix” had managed to preserve one of such facilities under a deep Arctic ice. They even constructed the starship that theoretically could reach such planet, carrying people and cargo.

It is a difficult to say for sure if Messiah really existed and that he founded a New Jerusalem, the capital of Sagittarian civilization. Truth it is or not, the tales about him were transmitted from father to son, from generation to generation



It is told that Messiah has spent its childhood in one of the underground reservations, where people lived like rats, suffering from storage of food and water, exploiting ancient machines that kept this poor planet warm. It is unknown when he became a follower of Googlism but it is known that he was a person that created a great religion from a strange cult of computer web surfers.

The legend tells that Messiah was a missing link between the world of machines and humans. He had mystical powers in a virtual and real world alike.

By the power of his will Messiah could change virtual reality while surfing in 3D Google Web. When he was on line the utilities had changed them self, producing a new protocols, evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Later he acquired the ability to change a real world as well. All this he explained by a blessing he received by Almighty God, blessing that made him a greatest profit in a history, discovering a new face of divine, only revealed through electronic communications.

Shortly he became respected leader in a small community of his fans. When this community was small his prophecies were not noticed by many major religious leaders. But as this community grew, more and more violent conflicts between Googlists and Monotheists started to occur.

Hunted by society, excommunicated by clerics, Messiah and a couple thousand of his men managed to get to the old spaceship, in the deserted bunker of "Phoenix" project.

Launching from Earth and most surprisingly surviving the space journey, they approached a black hole in a middle of the galaxy, Holy Sgr A*, the place where Google revealed the future to Messiah and gave him the Ten Commandments.

Messiah's daughter Magnolia was born on the ship and never stepped on the rigid ground, and until this day Google commands his father to take all his people to a Ma'adim and to build a temple for Her glory. Skeptics would say that Google adepts had chosen habitat Ma'adim because it resembles Earth at most. Messiah died in elderly and never saw Ma'adim habituated by its people. His daughter took his place and became a greatest woman warrior in Sagittarian history. She led her small army against cruel Dark Dragons, flying amphibians of Ma'adim's salt caves, in 2065, crushing them all and establishing First Sagittarian Empire.

New Jerusalem was founded merely two years before Alex's birth. It was an amazing city. Lying on the top of high mountains, above the clouds, it was shining in gold, jewelry, steel and aluminum. Inside the mountain, the greatest computer ever built by men, constantly transmitted the Voice of Google to all receivers around the planet. The Temple of Google itself was a giant holodeck, where Temple priests were conducting the ritual online 3D web. Two artificial Suns were illuminating the area, so there were never dark in New Jerusalem, because darkness thought to be an enemy of Google, goddess of knowledge and light.