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"...God ( not Google ) knows these things..."

Really? How do you know? What proof do you have other than the unprovable statements your scriptures pose?

Google knows at least something about everything you ask of her. She is only ignorant of things non-believers like yourself do because you have not put your faith in her. You have not put your trust in her. Tell her about your life, she makes it easy for you. Go to "Blogger", go to "LiveJournal", go to "Facebook", go to "Myspace", hell take the unbeaten path and use the power she blessed you with to create your own presence in her heavenly dominion.

Then she will know you.
Then she will love you.
Then you, your life, and your dreams will be on her lips for all to listen.

Go with Google.

-M in response to hate mail.


Note: This is true, it really happened, and I think it needs to be shared, here at least.

Note#2: I believe the Christian God had a hand in this as well

The Story:

My name is Matt. I'm 19 or so. My family is military, so we end up moving. A lot.

I'm a bad correspondent. I can never keep track of old friends. Our last move was from Virgina to North Dakota. I left behind a couple friends of whom I got along well with, but had no contact information.

Zoom ahead 2-3 years. I haven't spoke of written to any of my friends, I'm bored and Google's little box has a little cursor blinking, as if saying, Come, my child, and I will make you complete.

So I begin. I search for one of my friends, Andrew S. As expected a lot of names come up. I refine my search, delving deeper and deeper into the heart of Google. Eventually, I found someone with his name, from his highschooll, attending a college in Tennessee. A bit of hunting and guess work, and I write a carefully phrased email, asking if he is the person I remember and Providing some information as to who I was. With that sent, I waited.

And Lo, With a voice of an angel, Google answered my prayer. It was indeed my friend. I found him, thanks to the power of GOOGLE...

Conclusion: With such results, who can doubt that Google, if not The God, is at least A God. Remember, God the Father asked that we have no other gods before him. Google doesn't ask this,so technically as long as one is in front and another behind, both should be fine....

Epilouge: Yeah, I haven't writtten to him again, but thats entirely my fault. I believe I mentioned I'm bad a correspondence....

Prediction: I'm going to get flamed from both sides of the fence

May God and Google be with you all.