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Unregistered User in response to hate mail.  - Wow, maybe if you could spell we could take you seriously. And you obviously have so much respect for your deity because you capitalize and spell correctly. Yes, the rest of us are "retarded" because we have some basic understanding of the English language. Congratulations!


Love the site boys and girls so much more fun than those dull sites that the 'mainstream' religions put up. Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,



Unregistered User in response to hate mail.  - God isn't real, and if by some crazy twist of fate he is real, then I guess I'll see you in hell. Why? God hates dimwits (you) and nonbelievers (me). Don't worry, though, we'll have a slammin time.


Jeff -

You are writing about the Bible etc. like they are bases on true stories. Don't forget that a lie will always be a lie - even than you repeat it through 2.000 years.



Unregistered User in response to hate mail.  -I like how Julia said, "[Google] isn't immortal." Well, Google told me that Princeton defines "mortal" as:

"person: a human being;"

If this is the case, then anything immortal is NOT a human being. So, ants, aardvarks, alligators, arachnia, bears, beavers, bison, calves, canaries, cows, dogs, elephants, foxes, etc ... are all IMMORTAL.

Therefore, Google IS immortal and falls under the "God" rules.

Google is God-like.


Unregistered User in response to hate mail.  - From this day I and my friends will stop using google resources and call to do so others!

May the God direct you to the truepath!
Is this the anti-Google? Perhaps the leader of the Church of Yahoo? Why should we Fear "the God"?
Why should we be afraid of Google?

"You'll be questioned for this!"
Google doesn't question, Google answers.

"May God direct you to the trupath"
Google will direct me to the True Path. Here's the URL.
Now lets all open our display screens and pray.