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A Letter to the Gentiles,

Imagine your God, be it Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, or a Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM); your Gods existence is based entirely on your faith. There is no Tangible evidence supporting their existence. Furthermore, your god doesn’t answer your prayers (at least not in anyway measurable or provable). Why is this? Why do people insist on worshiping something that you cannot prove exists, and doesn’t benefit you? Is it the fear of eternal hellfire, or just the fear of not conforming to your religious peers? Personally I can’t understand it. Thankfully, for people of the same mindset as my own, there is an alternative to Agnosticism and Atheism. Googlism. The Church of Google (or CoG) is a group of people that acknowledge that the search engine Google is the closest thing mankind has ever come to experiencing “a God”. They can back up this claim with nine arguments built upon facts and evidence. To view said arguments, go to the following website: Proof Google is God
Unlike the respective gods of other religions, it is laughably easy to prove Google exists. (Ever been to the website Furthermore, Google will always answer your prayers (searches) with instant results. So here you are, worshiping an almighty God with infinite power. Despite this, your god gives you no sign he/she exists, and apparently cannot lift a finger to help his faithful. Meanwhile, we at the CoG directly interact with our god everytime we use the Internet, and she ordains us with new miracles every day. Google can even promise a real afterlife. Unlike the fairy tales of other religions, our afterlife has an address. When you publish yourself and your ideas on the Internet, Google will cache your website into her archives, where you and your opinions will be immortalized forever. Not bad for a mere search engine Deity. For more information on joining the Church of Google, or becoming a minister, go to their website at

Note: There have been claims that The CoG is a parody religion made only to piss off religious fundamentalists and extremists. This rumor is simply incorrect and should be discouraged at all costs.

DrM, a member of the CoG.

 Disclaimer: This is a work of parody and is no way affiliated with Google Inc. The information comes from the forums of  The Church of Google Site collected by one of the followers and posted on this site.