Library Orientation Page


All of the over 15,000 books in the library are sorted under the Dewey Decimal System. That means that they have a specific address that puts them in order on the shelves. They are grouped together by their subject matter, for example the 100’s are philosophy and psychology, the 200’s are religion, the 300’s are social sciences, and so on. You don’t need to memorize all this, just go to any computer that has Internet access type in this IP then you can search for the title, author, or subject and you will get a list of books that matches your search terms. Write down the call number or address of the book. That’s how you find it on the shelves. If you have difficulty finding a book, either Ms Lupian or I can help you, so please ask.

Reference books can be used in the library only. 

Individual biographies are sorted alphabetically by the subject’s last name and are in the 921 section. Biographies of groups are in the 920 section.

Fiction books are along the walls and are sorted alphabetically by the author’s last name.

When you want to check out a library book, you will need your school ID card. Please carry this with you at all times. You may check out five books at a time.

You have three weeks to read your books. If you need more time you may renew them once on or before the due date. You will need your school ID to do this.

You must have all overdue textbooks and library books turned in before you can check out library books.

Printing is free as long as it is for a class paper or project. Other schools charge as much as quarter a page but not us.

We have 38 computer workstations. Each one has Office 2010 which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Front Page, Inspiration and Internet Explorer. You must use these for schoolwork only.  

Any abuse of your Internet privilege will result in it being taken away.

We are open all day from 6:30 to 3:00. We are available before school, after school and at lunch to get your books or to do work. All other times require a pass from your teacher.

Ms Lupian and I look forward to helping you with your work here at Chula Vista High.

Mr. House