Welcome to the official companion website for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, and published by Prometheus Books. In fifteen chapters by nine authors this new anthology challenges the very rationality of the Christian faith. Its content is so daring and controversial that a desperate and hostile response from defenders of the faith is inevitable. What you will find here will be responses to the book's critics, FAQs from the authors about the various chapters as questions are raised, published reviews of the book, and other items of importance to the book's content. To read a few good atheist reviews of this book click here. In March of 2011 it won the reader's choice award for the Best Atheist Book of 2010 by About.com.

This book is now available at Amazon.com. On this site is a brief biographical list of its contributing authors, the book's table of contents, an excerpt from John's Introduction, four bonus chapters (not included in the book), and promotional blurbs. But stay tuned. As questions and attacks arise, you will find the official responses here.