The Child of All Nations

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Our Logo: Tree is the Great White Tree of Peace. Child is the Rainbow Child 
Roots are the hands of the old ones going Within the Earth, Mother Earth.

Children are the essence of our tomorrow. We are an organization designed to nurture children 
of all walks of life--children of all nations. We provide for all of a child’s needs. Become a 
part of us and give from the heart. Help us to bring the joy of life back into being.

My name is Nicole Friedman, and I'm a student at Brown University.
Another student and I interviewed Yosa of Child of All Nations for a
project we are doing. She asked us to share the interview with you so
you can link to it on the Child of All Nations website.
Our interview with Yosa is posted on our blog:

The Child of All Nations

The Dilemma of Our Children 

In the beginning, children were treated with respect as individual human beings that embedded a special quality from the Creator. As time passed on and the world around them changed, adults stopped looking at them in that form and began treating them as ignorant possessions or toys with no intelligence, no emotions, no voice or opinion. Because of the cultural disruption and corresponding lack of cultural control in the use of alcohol and drugs, some unhealthy and dangerous patterns of drinking and drugs, developed in all walks of life and all colors of people. This began destroying all forms of family structure at all levels. The outlook on life and children became a nightmare to where children were being molested, raped, murdered, sold in the black markets, experimented on, used as slave labor and in satanic rituals.

                                                                                       Graffiti from Brazil
With peer pressure, stress, depression, and other illness, parents would forget the responsibility of care taking and protecting children. As all cultures began to change, so did the environment, which was no longer safe for a child. People who removed themselves from certain situations in hope of a better life and more money began migrating to different areas and encountered: a defiance to prohibition, cultural disruption, lack of cultural drinking norms, permissiveness, governmental paternalism, discrimination, social unconcern, along with psychological causations; such as poor self image, anger, aggression, loneliness, disappointment, escape, forced acculturation, and "Future Shock", the excessive use of alcohol and drugs has been classified as the number one killer of children whether the children or parents under the influence.

                                                                                                                            Graffiti from Brazil

Many halfway houses or programs try to accommodate the needs of children, but do not have sufficient funds, space, volunteers. Unrealistic treatment goals are set for children and consequently doomed to failure from the onset. It can be said accurately that few children succeed in programs where they are lumped together without understanding their cultural background and expected to achieve success. Children need space-their own space, the value of who and why they are, to see that they are worth something as individual human beings, respect of themselves and others, and above all, they need love not compromise. Children need their own recovery houses or halfway houses, processing units and communities based on self-sufficiency that they could call home. There they can experience love, a form of enjoyment, and be cared for by those adults who have experienced their needs and understand that all life is one and doesn't move forward without love, light, and peace.


Our pledge; "We are in service for Planetary Peace, the Healing of Humanity, Caretaker of this land, and Protectors of the children and the old people." Through our mental, physical and spiritual strengths and through the guidance and wisdom of our Elders, the challenges and plans began to unfold in 1985 at our office structure known then as Enterplex at 2662 Aero Drive in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Shortly afterwards, we were instructed by our Elders to relocate in New Mexico where we began our Nation wide four year research of all programs dealing with children, the old people and issues concerning Native American people -- to find out why facilities operated by the Federal Government and private organizations were not working for the benefit of the people.

The more families work to feed their children, the less time parents can spend as a family. 345 of female-headed households are poor and hold down two jobs in order to survive; therefore, less time is spent with their children. Married women working full-time earn only 57% of men's salaries. Those not married earn 65% of men's salaries. Those not married earn 65% of men's salaries. A study done in Stanford found that on the average in the year following a divorce, a man's standard of living rises 42%; a woman's falls 73%; 22% of a mother's income goes to child care. Because of this rising concern, many people have lost the will to live. They see the crisis in their lives as being all there is, with no possible way out. By offering them an awareness of choice and how that choice can be made, those persons can begin to feel the difference of their importance in this life.

Young Warriors ready to accept the challenges of the future.

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Services We Provide

Our Programs

CHILD OF ALL NATIONS provides Transitional housing units for Native American people and single parents with children.
The uniqueness of our project is our ability to adjust and tailor any program to the needs of a child in his or her situation. Our comprehensive approach uses concepts in these varied curricula to help pregnant women, newborns, toddlers and students, from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

CHILD OF ALL NATIONS in Albuquerque is in the first of three phases in the development of the housing project for women, children/youth and families, including veterans. We conned with different housing owners in various areas of Albuquerque to help provide stability and a foundation to better their quality of life. We collaborate with other counseling, medical, rehabilitation, educational, and vocational organizations, if we aren't able to provide the appropriate counseling services to best help our clients work toward their goal of a new beginning.

Another program of ours is the Peacemaker Project. This includes resources to help find solutions to barriers commonly experienced after incarceration due to lack of social skills and the skills necessary to navigate the system. We help people with education and support in the difficult process of starting over. These programs, which are constantly evolving and growing, are developed in different locales in the world. Training in theory and practice of core principles are then conducted in the same area. Funds are needed and raised to defray the costs of materials, travel and lodging.

The ability to move into the second and third phases of the project depends on the development of the people we provide these services to. Progress is measured in goals met and our growth in the many areas of expertise has evolved over many years in many lands. We are constantly searching and researching possibilities with every challenging situation and every success story.

We have seen evidence that this program has incredible impact on children and families and we know it opens doors for future and continued existence and positive growth.

What will the future hold for my son?  How can I help?  Who will help me?

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