Katrina and Jim

October 12, 2008 

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Paper and Stationery


I love the idea of a magnet with my picture on it stuck to 100 refrigerators across America (ha!), but I also love the stickers for calendars that I saw in Martha Stewart Weddings once upon a time, so when it came time to make my Save the Dates, I took the belt-and-suspenders approach and did both.  They came out really cute, and they were super cheap!  I designed the monogram, the magnet, and the postcard in Photoshop, and I got the magnets and postcards printed through VistaPrint for next to nothing (I think I paid $17, shipping included, for 100 magnets, 100 postcards, and 100 envelopes).  The stickers are pastel pink 1" labels from labelsbythesheet.com, and I ran them through the color laser printer at school and cut them up into squares. 

 The Invitation Mockup

I decided to DIY chocolate brown pocketfolds.  Initially, I thought I would make the pocketfolders out of the bronze Stardream cardstock that's so popular nowadays (and save myself some cash, since the pre-made metallic pocketfolders are $1.50 apiece).  However, when I went shopping for samples to start my mock-ups, I fell in LOVE with this faux leather textured scrapbooking paper that I found at Joann's.  Trouble is, it was $1.20 per sheet on SALE ($1.99 regular price), so it wasn't a cost-saving measure to make the pocketfolders anymore!  I did it anyway, because I love the way my first mockup came out.  It really feels like you're holding a leather wallet when you take it out of the envelope.

 Pictures of the final mockup I put together (the photos don't do the texture of the paper justice--it's really gorgeous in person).  I addressed the RSVP envelopes with pink labels and, after a ridiculous struggle with my color laser printer, made ivory labels for the invitation envelopes (all labels were cut from full sheets from labelsbythesheet.com - instructions coming later!).

I bought my mailing envelopes at envelopemall.com.  They are A7 Stardream envelopes in Rose Quartz, and I lined them myself using the template pack I bought from Paper-Source and a roll of wrapping paper from Nashville Wraps.  The RSVP envelopes and all of the brown cardstock came from Envelope Mall as well, and the ivory linen paper was purchased locally at Kelly Paper (it's Neenah Paper in Baronial Ivory; I used text weight for the inserts and panel and cardstock for the RSVP card, since that was the only one that didn't get mounted to a cardstock backing).  Much to my surprise, they only cost $.59 to mail!

Want instructions on how to make these belly bands?  Click here for the tutorial! 



Pocketfold Template

As mentioned before, I made each pocketfolder out of a 12"x12" piece of scrapbooking paper.  The faux leather finish gives it a little more stability than your average sheet of paper, but it's nowhere near as thick as cardstock.  Here's how I did it:

Cut the 12"x12" sheet as indicated below.  This will yield one backing piece for the folder (12"x6 7/8"), TWO pieces that can become pockets (6"x3 1/2"), and one piece of scrap paper (12"x1 1/2"). 

Next, take the large piece and score it as indicated below.  This will give you a place to put the invitation panel, a place to put the pocket for the inserts, and a 2 1/2" flap on the left hand side.

Next, take one of the 6"x3 1/2" pieces.  This will become a pocket with tabs on three sides.  

I know the graphic looks complicated, but it's really not.  First step:  score the three tabs (where the dotted lines are).  You want the piece in the middle to be 4 1/2" x 3", so the tabs on the left and right should be 3/4" and the tab on the bottom should be 1/2". 

Once you've done that, cut off the corners (where the solid lines are).  This does not need to be exact; with the bottom corners, no matter what angle you slice, the tabs should still meet up when they're folded inwards (and no one will see it if they don't!).

When the corners are cut, fold the tabs under and prepare to attach it to the pocketfolder.  Since the tabs fold down underneath the front of the pocket, you will want to apply the adhesive to the FRONT side of the paper (I messed that up on my first try).  I switched off between the Tombo adhesive roller and a bunch of cheap adhesive rollers I bought at the dollar store--both worked great for this.

Once you've got it glued, it should look like this: 

  That's all there is to it!  Depending on the thickness of the paper you use for your pocketfolder, you might have to play around with the size of your inserts.  Mine are all 4 3/8" wide, and I'm using an A2 envelope for the RSVP card instead of a 4-bar.

Here are the JPEGs of the inserts that I'm including in mine:

I created the map in Photoshop using the pen tool and the path tools to trace a Mapquest screenshot.  It was tedious, but not really difficult.  The hardest part was messing with the fonts to make sure they were large enough to read when printed but still small enough to fit on the map.  

Each RSVP card was personalized with the names of the invited guests, so I made five different versions of this insert (one for 1 guest, one for 2 guests, etc., up to 5 guests), typed their names on it in Photoshop, and printed.

This is the third insert; we didn't need a separate reception card, and all of the accommodations have been listed on the website since January, so we figured this would be more useful.

The flourish I used at the top of each of these inserts was originally the letter "a"  in a font called Flower Ornaments that I downloaded from dafont.com.  However, I wanted something a little more tapered, and the original version had a big flower at the end that made it too wide for my taste.  I rasterized it and monkeyed with it in Photoshop for a bit, took out the flower, and ta-DA!  Feel free to use it if you like it; clicking on the picture should take you to the giant, full-resolution version.


Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Our rehearsal dinner will be in the "Show Room" at Dave & Buster's.  I'm a high school drama teacher.  With both of those things in mind, and taking some inspiration from the word "rehearsal," I designed our invitation as a mock Playbill - it's a 5x7 folded card with the necessary information on the inside. I was really worried that I was going a little too over-the-top with this, but the guests LOVED it and I got a lot of phone calls about it.


Inside (click to enlarge):



Photo Upload Card

Taking inspiration from knotties Stinkerpants and McSteakh8r, I made my photo upload card cartoon-y and fun.  I created Simpsonized versions of us in wedding clothes and Photoshopped them together, then found images of Snowball II and used them on the back. 




I just love my guestbook.  I went hunting for a billion different love poems and interspersed them with our e-pics and blank pages for the guests to write messages.  I got it printed through inkubook.com because they were having a free photo book promotion if you signed up and referred a friend, and when it arrived, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality.  It's so gorgeous, and I love the hardcover with the images printed on it.

These pictures are of the front cover, the back cover, and a couple of random pages (mine ended up being about 80 pages long--I was allowed to do up to 100, and it only cost $6.99 for shipping!)