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Practice of Empowerment

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For More Information: Empowerment Institute,

To change behavior and develop talent in organizations. An alternative use is for community-based behavior change by public sector agencies and nonprofits. 
An empowered organizational culture 

When to Use: 
To change behavior and develop talent in organizations 

When Not to Use: 
When there is not a trained practitioner 

Number of Participants: 
15–40 per group 

Types of Participants: 
Any level 

Typical Duration: 
  • Preparation: 30–90 days to plan and design with input of project champion and key leaders 
  • Process: 3-day training 
  • Follow-up: 12 months of coaching and master classes 
  • Project duration: 1–3 years 

Brief Example: 
Senior industry leaders at Deloitte Consulting delivered a mentorship program to empower high-talent women and minorities to develop their full potential. The program was designed to retain and advance these people and build the capacity of senior leaders in talent development. 

Historical Context: 
Created in 1981 by David Gershon.