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OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Methodology

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For More Information: OpenSpace-Online GmbH—The Power ofPeople,

To enable a (r)evolutionary global “do-it-yourself” dimension of collaborative excellence and sustainable development in economy, society, politics and education across distance. 

  • High level of co-creative excellence among many 
  • New ideas and agreements for next steps 
  • Results reported quickly on topics that really matter 
  • High commitment which sustains continued work 
  • Savings in travel costs,time,and natural resources 
  • Increased competencies to initiate and facilitate change 
  • Complementary synergies between different methods and activities (on-line and face-to-face) 

When to Use: 
  • When groups or organizations are facing important questions or urgent issues and people are separated by distance 
  • When highly productive, liberated and joyful real-time collaboration is desired 
  • When immediately reported results and sustainable further work is important 

When Not to Use: 
  • Participants have no access to the Internet 
  • IT policies do not allow quick software installation 
  • The meeting agenda is already fixed and organizers want to play a dominant role during the event 
  • No trust that the right people will show up 

Number of Participants: 
  • 5–125 
  • Parallel meetings are possible 

Types of Participants: 
Decentralized learning, interest, project, citizen, research, customer, stakeholder, network, and community groups 

Typical Duration: 
  • Preparation: 1 hour–ongoing 
  • Real-time conference: 2–8 hours 
  • Follow-up: 1 hour—ongoing 

Brief Example: 
An international marketing and sales company uses OpenSpace-Online with trainers, seminar groups, sales managers, and project leaders for diverse activities (e.g., ongoing project and team development, pre-meetings, and follow-ups of face-to-face activities). 

Historical Context: 
Created by Gabriela Ender (1999–2002) and supporting people after 30