We are the Chalmers Family Alex, Heather, Chris, Alistair and Andrew. 
We are originally from Scotland and moved to Wales in 1990 where we lived until September 2005.

Alex, Heather, Alistair and Andrew

Alex and Heather became Christians in 1987 and used to attend Kingspark Baptist Church where we were involved with the Youth group.  After moving to Mold, Wales we attended Kings
 Christian Centre and were involved in many different activities.  Alex was part of the Eldership team and Heather was head of the Evangelism dept for many years and in the Worship team.  During our time in Wales we also were involved in starting a Christian School called The Lighthouse School, where Alex was the Principal and Heather was Head of Infants Dept. 
During all of these times we had the children and at the moment Chris, Alistair and Andrew.

We have been through many things in our lives both good and bad and have been involved with many activities which have been training ground for us and the work that we are involved in here in Romania.

In 1996 Heather visited Romania for the first time, along with the worship team from Kings and the CMA (Christian Motorbike Association).  Heather fell in love with the country and knew that one day she would visit the country with the whole family.  She visited the country again, this time in Constanta, and it wasn’t until 2003 that the family were able to visit together.  We knew that we would one day live in Romania but we did not know where or when!

In March 2004 God told us that it would be soon when we would go to Romania and we started to prepare and raise support, not always with patience!!!

Eventually in September 2005, after many trials and testing, we came here to Constanta to work with the street children in the city.

All of our recent news is on the News Page of the website but in short we are involved in a church plant in a village called Poiana, which is a small agricultural village about 15kms outside of Constanta.   We Pastor the church in Poiana and have close links with the mother church Biserica Farul (The Lighthouse Church) in Constanta.  We are involved with running Children's clubs, Youth Clubs, prayer meetings, ladies meetings and mens meetings as well as the normal church events.  We have lived in the village of Poiana since May 2007 and have built many links with the villagers and have been accepted by them which enables us to help in any way that we can.
As a family, we have all settled in really well to the new culture and language.  It has not always been easy but we are being blessed in the work we do and with the people that come and visit the work here.  The children continue to be home schooled in the Christian curriculum that we used in Wales.
Our eldest son Chris was with us in Romania for 2 years and then he left to go to university in North Wales and on August 6th 2009 we were so happy to share in his marriage to Hannah Cornes.  They both now live in Wales and are contiunuing their studies...and are very happy :))
  We are totally supported by people back in the UK both prayerfully and financially.  Our home church in Wales, KP Baptist in Scotland, and many other individuals support us financially so that we can continue to do the work here and to help the people here and hopefully make a difference in their lives.  There is always need here and in many different ways, so if you would like to support us then all the details are on the Support Page.

Our contact details are also on the webpage.

Thank you for visiting this site and we really do welcome comments, questions and encouragement.  Don’t forget to  sign the guestbook before you leave!!