You've Got a Place to Stay in Cedar Rapids!

Are you without a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or without adequate means to find shelter for the night? Your first five nights are free at the Cedar House! 

The Cedar House Emergency Shelter 
603 Second Street S.W. 
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 
(319) 364-2630

The Cedar House has served Cedar Rapids since 2001, providing emergency shelter services for homeless men and women (with or without children), including sleeping accommodations, paid laundry, shower facilities, and agency referrals. The shelter opens at 5:30 each afternoon, and admits new clients on a first-come, first-served basis. For more detailed information, click the white links on the left sidebar, or phone ahead.

The Cedar House Emergency Shelter is a non-profit corporation founded by philanthropist Ray Krug, pictured left.  We rely on donated time and goods to remain in operation. If you or your organization is interested in providing goods or services, give us a call and we will send you our Volunteer Guidelines.

 Guest, visitors, or anybody who cares to may print a copy of the CH Handbook for 2010 by first clicking here, print the 2-page .pdf file, then click here, turn your two already-printed pages over, and print the reverse side of the pages. Good luck! The handbook makes a convenient reference when you're down on your luck, hungry, sick, etc.

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