following is a collection of reactions from religious school teachers and administrators who attended previous CCIRL workshops:


"I sensed a true acceptance of each other's traditions, and it helped me focus on the theme of pluralism."

"[I enjoyed] the opportunity to gain new perspectives through interaction with educators of different faiths [and] to learn from one another."

"Helps me realize I have to educate myself first before I try to educate students."


"The openness and tolerance [I] experienced foster growth and mutual appreciation."

"Instead of just saying that diversity exists, I am better prepared to describe it."


"[The CCIRL workshop will effect change because it]  presented a new model that can be easily, and effectively applied on my campus.  Great perspectives from the Panel!"

"[The CCIRL workshop will effect change through] the incorporation of multiple religious traditions with my teaching of biblical stories.  Thank You."

"[The CCIRL workshop will effect change as I] develop more interreligious perspectives in my teaching."

"Excellent!  Religious leaders and lay people did a wonderful job of displaying dialogue."

"[The CCIRL workshop will effect change because it] provides a model of interfaith learning."

"[The CCIRL workshop will effect change because it emphasizes] the importance of interreligious study to guide and accompany dialogue."


"[I was] excited to hear about commonalities and to respect differences [in each faith community]."

"[I will use what I learned from this CCIRL Workshop to] help our children better understand other religions rather than rely [only] on media impressions."

"This dialogue is truly eye opening.  I am learning that all three faiths have to contend with the pulls of assimilation and problems of living in an open society."

"It is truly worthwhile to come together around text study.  We can then all be equal partners in dialogue."