Dear Friend,

Since 2003, members of the Chicago Coalition for InterReligious Learning (CCIRL) have been acting to promote greater respect through greater understanding among students, teachers and principals of Catholic, Jewish and Muslim schools. Members of the Coalition have developed a statement outlining the principles that underlie interreligious learning. It serves as a guide for teaching about the religions rooted in the faith of Abraham.

The Coalition designs and presents workshops based on the statement of principles, so that teachers may learn about teaching methods suitable for interreligious learning. In addition, CCIRL creates resources for professional growth, supports educational networks for interreligious understanding and learning, and encourages dialogues and other interreligious learning projects for students.

We are pleased to inform you about our efforts, and encourage you to bring our statement of principles to the attention of the religious schools with which you are in contact. If you would like to learn more about this organization or our workshops for teachers, please contact us.

Sincerely yours,

Members of the Coalition