Special Awards 2017

2017 Special Recognition and Awards:                                                                                                                           

The Following People Donate Their Time to CCGC At All Contests…A Huge Thank You for All They Do for Us.                                                                                                                                                                              

Dan Smith                    Percussion Coordinator/Computer Maintenance                                        

Dave Lilga                    Sound System                                                                                                        

Kathi Lilga                    Color Guard Tabulator                                                                             

Noelle Ariza                  Color Guard Tabulator

Stacey Stein                 Assistant to The Board and Digital Tabulators                                           

Isabella Frias                Mini Assistant to Board




   CCGC Star Is Born                                    Kai Bazua              Blue Devils

   Outstanding Performer                               Caitlin Stanley        Granada

   Outstanding Performer                               Emilie Smith           Armijo B

   Outstanding Performer                               Mike Fleming          Amador Valley

   Performer of The Year                                David Delikat          Granite Bay



   Outstanding Performer                               Elijah Devera         Jesse Bethel Percussion

   Outstanding Performer                               Kyle Ng                 Horner Percussion

   Performer of The Year                                Ethan Palisoc        Oak Grove Percussion


Unit Awards

   Wayne Wergert-Most Entertaining Show     Amador Valley “”A” Color Guard

   Shirlee Whitcomb Award                            Blue Devils Special Needs Color Guard

   Outstanding Director                                  Joe Kelly               Fremont    

   Warren Tom Award                                    Ken Ponticelli        Independence                            


Sandy Montana Scholarships                                                                                                              

Ashley Young               Vanden High School                                               

Jessica Cerda               James Logan High School                                                       

Kyle Koch                    Dublin High School                                                                             


Harry Ariza Scholarship                                                             \

Alyssa Restauro            In Motion                                                                

Delaney Clark               Leigh High School                                                   

Jessica Shipps             Dublin High School                                                                                                                 

Judges Scholarship                                   

Josetina Alvarado         West Campus High School