Special Awards 2016

2016 CCGC Special Awards


The following people donate their time to CCGC at all contests…a huge thank you for all you do for us.

Dan Smith - Percussion Coordinator

Dave Lilga - Sound System                                                                                                               

Kathi Lilga - Color Guard Tabulator                                                                                       

Noelle Ariza - Color Guard Tabulator                                                                                       

Stacey Stein - Digital Tabulators 


Outstanding Performer - Madison Meehan, Blue Devils

Outstanding Performer - Kayla Macadaeg, Wilcox High School

Outstanding Performer - David Delikat, Granite Bay High School

Performer of the Year - John Donham, In Motion

Wayne Wengert Memorial Award for Most Entertaining Show - Blue Devils

Director of the Year - Jeffery Edon, Laguna Creek High School

Warren Tom Memorial Service Award - Mark Metzger, James Logan High School                  

Sandy Montana Memorial Scholarships

Kayla Joseph - Jesse Bethel Percussion

Nelsi Lemus - John Swett Color Guard
Anthony Silveira - Arroyo "A" Color Guard


Harry Ariza Memorial Scholarships

Emily Duncan - In Motion Color Guard

Marc Pastor - John Swett Color Guard
Dhaisy Presto - Infinitus Color Guard

Jelena Tating - Jesse Bethel Percussion