CCGC Sound Equipment

CCGC Sound Equipment

We've been asked many times what equipment we use to obtain the high quality sound our circuit is known for. Below is a list of the equipment we use. 


Cassette Deck

CD Changer

Numark CM1000R

Nakamichi  MR-2

Pioneer CDJ-200

Four-Channel Pro Club Mixer

2 Head Professional

Compact Disk Player


Cassette Deck


Cost: $300

Cost: $650 (retail)

Cost: $350

Phone: 1-401-295-9000

Phone: 1-310-631-2122

Phone: 1-800-872-4159



Web: www.

Power Amplifier



QSC PLX 2402

Peavey PR15 Loudspeakers

Shure SM58 microphone

Pro Amplifier

400W Program @ 8 ohms

T3 Receiver – 208.200 MHz

425Wrms per 8 ohm Channel x 2

Weight: 42 lbs


Cost: $550

Cost: $200 ea.

Cost: $227

Phone: 1-732-969-9000

Phone: 1-800-776-5173

Phone: 1-800-516-2525

      or: 1-800-476-8633

       or: 1-847-600-8699





  Speaker Cables:  2x100ft    12-2 AWG  with ¼” Male Mono Phono Plugs on each end.

Music Media Notes

Music Media Recommendations:

• You may use CD-R or CD-RW type disc media. They may be recorded in regular Audio CD format or MP3 format. Choose a high quality bit rate for the best sounding show music (192kbps or better).

• Do NOT lay the CD on a table with the label facing up; place it with the CD label down.

• Always transport CDs in a plastic case or CD sleeve.  …and please present them to the Sound Tech in the case.

• Create a Show CD and separate Practice CD(s).  Do not use the Show CD for practices, other than to make sure it plays correctly…  (A backup tape wouldn’t hurt either.)

• Always label the CD with your Unit's name and classification.

• If possible, record music in 2-Channel MONO mode, not Stereo, for best music coverage in the gymnasium. In a gymnasium, the left and right channels are 50 ft away from each other.  This could cause your performers to miss critical segments if they happen to be on the wrong side of the gym. With mono, the same music is heard on both sides of the gym, so there is no discontinuity when performers move across the floor.  If mono music cannot be provided with enough quality, stereo may be used if you wish; just be aware of this potential problem.

When making an Audio CD, remember:

• Cheap non-branded CD-R discs can cause poor quality recordings. The spindle hole, or data area, may be off-center.  One suggestion is to burn CDs at 4x on Verbatim Vibe Music (the one with the orange ring in the center that looks like a 45 spindle) since it is said to be the most durable and reliable CD media.

• A combination of high speed writing, low quality CD writer, and/or low performance computer could create a poorly written CD-R disc.

• An error occurring during the CD writing process may cause a defective sector on the disc.

• A CD disc that is scratched, dirty, smudged, or has a fingerprint, may prevent the CD player from reading the disc correctly.