Avonside "Nancy" Restoration Group
The Avonside "Nancy" Restoration Group was founded as a joint effort by volunteers on a number of Ireland's Narrow gauge railways, with the ultimate goal of returning Avonside built 3ft gauge "Nancy" to Ireland and to steaming condition.

A fund has been set up, with the ultimate aim of reaching approx £40,000 to pay for the completion of the loco.

A Brief History:

"Nancy" became works number 1547 of Avonside works and was delivered new to Stanton Ironworks Co. Ltd for use on their Brewer’s Grave tramway serving Woolsthrope Quarries in Leicestershire. It spent its working life in the ironstone Industry until 1961 when it was bought for preservation by a group based at Watnall, Nottinghamshire. It remained there until 1972 when it was acquired by Lord O’Neill for Shane’s Castle Railway, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

Preservation at Dromod:
"Nancy" remained there until she was purchased by the Cavan & Leitrim Railway in 1997 for restoration and service on portion of the restored Cavan & Leitrim line at Dromod, County Leitrim. In early 1999 "Nancy" was shipped to the premises of Alan Keef Ltd., Lea Line, Nr Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England to start the process of restoration.

Most of the components above the running plate were fit only to use as a pattern for new parts. By April 2001, “Nancy” had been stripped; the reusable components ultrasonically tested, and when fit for use, have been cleaned, repainted and reused. The reprofiled wheel sets have been reunited with the frames, and the assembly of the cylinders, motion work and valve gear is now complete. The manufacture of the footplates, new tanks, cab and bunker, using the originals as patterns, see right hand side.

The Project:
We are so close to completing this loco, we require approx £40,000 to £50,000 to finish the loco to steaming condition. Everything has been completed bar the fitting of a new smokebox and ashpan (£7,700), the payment on the brand new boiler also has to settled (£9,500). Then the fitting of the boiler to the running chassis, cladding, and painting can commence in earnest.


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Progress of "Nancy" from its working life in Eastwell (bottom), to its preservation at Dromod, and its current condition after the C&L investing over £125,000 in the loco to this date