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My historical fiction adventure - THE CATO CONUNDRUM - is much more than a flight of imagination recounting a compelling tale of treachery, murder and kidnapping set in the context of Georgian London. It introduces a new detective to this genre in the form of George Thomas Ruthven,  Principal Bow Street Runner.
George really did exist (1792- 1844) and was involved in so many real-life,  gripping stories of murder, mayhem and intrigue there is enough drama in his life to fuel dozens of true-crime stories. Indeed it is rumored he did write his memoirs but they have never been found. This is a loss that I try to remedy in THE CATO CONUNDRUM and hope very much that you will meet up with this remarkable detective and get to know, admire and learn more about his incredible adventures.  

THE CATO CONUNDRUM begins two years after a real plot led by a radical activist  called Arthur Thistlewood to behead the Prime Minister Lord Liverpool and his ministers while they dined at Lord Harrowby’s house in Grosvenor Square on 23rd February 1820. This became known as The Cato Street Conspiracy and I became fascinated by the sheer scale and brutality of what had been planned and even more fascinated by the meticulous and dedicated detective work of George Ruthven, then a senior Bow Street Runner. It was Ruthven who was responsible for capturing the ring leaders after a bloody confrontation in a hayloft in Cato Street, Edgware.

Two years on, I wanted Ruthven to discover that the Cato Conspiracy was still alive and even that night of bloody confrontation in the hayloft might have been part of it. I started to research for clues that Ruthven himself might have discovered to support such a premise and to my surprise there were many and so, with the freedom that historical fiction writing affords me, I wrote
THE CATO CONUNDRUM, wherein a series of  quite remarkable and explosive historical secrets are finally revealed in an exciting and page turning climax.

It is also very bawdy, witty and a little scary and I  guarantee you will be rewarded in meeting a whole range of characters that will provide you with adventures the like of which you have never experienced before. The locations are real, many of the incredible events actually happened and most of the characters really existed so you can track, trace and even visit all the places of intrigue and excitement if the fancy takes you.  

Speak with you again soon with details of the next George Ruthven adventure set in Oxford and London and revealing some damning secrets that certain Oxford colleges would prefer should remain hidden.

Best wishes, 

David K-H

P.S. When you've read THE CATO CONUNDRUM  you are welcome to email your thoughts, questions, suggestions, experiences to  George Ruthven (or me ) at: