by David Kidd-Hewitt *

Wicked and explosive secrets
are revealed in this NEW gripping tale of vicious murders, corruption, love and friendships.

Authentically set in bawdy, raucous Georgian London in 1822, Principal Bow Street Runner George Ruthven’s unexpected partnership with risqué tavern entertainer and potman Billy Lilly and astrologer Will Poole, draw the reader into this fast-moving, vivid, witty and compelling adventure the like of which has never been told.

Daring dark arts collide with political intrigue, sexual encounters and the most heinous conspiracy imaginable.

Could Billy’s sweetheart Hannah be the key to a plot that threatens death and destruction to the British government? Meticulous detective work by George Ruthven unravels and uncovers  the startling truth.

Together with Billy and Will, George must solve the clues of the mysterious Cato Conundrum or unthinkable consequences for the whole country will ensue. The remarkable final chase to thwart the plotters involves an astonishing twist that will astound.

" You have chosen an ingenious plot idea, and we like the whole concept of a series about a Bow Street Runner. "

Mary Jones: Submissions Editor, Gregory and Company


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Writer DAVID KIDD-HEWITT has created a remarkable adventure based on a real historical event. This was the bloody and incredible Cato Street Conspiracy led by Arthur Thistlewood in February 1820 to attack and behead the Prime Minister, Lord Liverpool and all his cabinet ministers. 

Although defeated by the sheer bravery of George Ruthven and his Bow Street colleagues, Ruthven suspects all is not as appears. He becomes convinced that certain senior judicial and political figures are still behind such a conspiracy.

While Billy and Will are following their own nefarious adventures into the dark arts, chillingly constructing a HAND OF GLORY from an executed murderer to steal some valuable George Morland oil paintings, 

Billy's  sweetheart, Hannah, is kidnapped. Her abduction brings Bowman tavern potman Billy into unexpected contact with George Ruthven and it starts to become clear to George that Hannah could, in some mysterious way, be the key to a conundrum that links the original Cato Street Conspiracy of 1820 with an equally traitorous plot about to be unleashed.

The excitement of the final chase to thwart the plotters and solve THE CATO CONUNDRUM,  involves a remarkable twist of circumstances that blows apart the original Cato Street Conspiracy, revealing a secret that has never been told outside of the  few who uncovered it. 

It has remained an untold secret - until now.
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   "A rattling good read " says                Gordon Casbeard

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