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The Vultures that ate

my Bed & Breakfast!

 A Sighting from The Catbird Seat

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November 1969 - Entered U.S. Army Center at Ft. DeRussey Hawaii with basic training at Ft. Ord, California and Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Gordon Georgia U.S. Military Communication Signal Corps. After graduating, with request for Germany duty, I was assigned to the elite U.S. Army Security Agency [ASA] in Saigon, S. Vietnam....Military orders changed upon landing at Long Biehn Airport to the supposedly "All-Volunteer" rogue 101- st Airborne - Ranger Division, operating secretly and separately away in the Central Highlands near Anh Khe and Pleiku involving in the ultra secret Cambodia insertions.

July 1971 - Honorable Discharged [awarded: Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal] from U.S. Active Military Service in Southeast Asia [Republic of South Vietnam Conflict] working in numerous remote Jungle Tactical Fire-Base Operations [TOC] with secret classified U.S. Military Intelligence information near the NVA supply route [Ashau Valley] handling ground troop intelligence data iwith important military information between U.S. Field Commanders and Division Headquarters [101-st Airborne Division - Camp Eagle - Puh Bai, S. Vietnam]. Many of my Top U.S. Military Generals, Officers, and high ranking Military personal went on to become members of the U.S. ARMY JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF for MACV Advisor / Georgian-American Nationalist: GENERAL JOHN SHALIKASVEILLI {Appointed by President William J. Clinton] including General Barry with the 101-st Airborne Division].

July 1971 to 1975 - I had a difficult time obtaining any civilian job in Hawaii or California due to the Vietnam Stigma for many Veterans with drug, liquor, or PTS afflictions which wasn't my case, yet had much difficulties unlike previous Veterans from past Foreign wars. I finally managed to obtain employment in the Air Cargo Import-Export Freight Business near San Francisco Airport.

After living in the radical Bay area with Political residue left over from the Vietnam War, while my grandparents old residence in the Punch Bowl came on the market due to their passing, I relocated to Hawaii for a chance to purchase the home and work for the Airline Industry [United]. After a year of family deliberations and being "overlooked" by the "Politics" of family ohana members working in United management with favoritism and cronyism, despite doing a UAL promo appearance on Hawaii Five-O for them, I had a chance to work for Frontier Airlines in Denver, Colorado in 1976 - 1977.

October 1986: Frontier Airlines files for Bankruptcy [Chapter 11] due to Airline De-Regulations and is purchased with Union Pension leveraged buy-outs by Texas Air Corps under Frank Lorenzo and Lambert - Drexel - Burnham Securities Investment Firm for Continental Airlines. Norm Brownstein's Law Firm sends his young, single attorney, LISA H-------, to help with my divorce proceedings from my United Airline flight attendant wife with several real estate properties involved in my case.

I only dated her for less than a year since my divorce wasn't complete and I was suspicious of a young aggressive attorney from a high Profile Law Firm such as Norm Brownstein. He wanted his "single" female attorneys married since he handled "classified" and sensitive material, aside from being a big Commercial Real Estate Developer and Commercial Investor [Nightclubs, Strip clubs, Restaurants, ect] with numerous high profile cliental in the Professional Sports scene, as well as representing questionable characters that were in the Denver Media for many years during the Mid to late 1980s and beyond. [i.e: Neil Bush, Larry Mizel, Leonard Millman, Ken Goode, Bill Walters, MDC Holding, with links to Billionaires Bill Daniels [Cable Magnet] and Century 21 Fox owner / Oil tycoon: Marvin Davis with associations to former Continental Airlines Owner Robert Six [married to Audrey Meadows in Honolulu, Hawaii.].

I had a Mountain ski chalet in Frisco, Colorado - a recently purchased Kaawa, Oahu Beachfront home in 1986 - with 3 other homes in the Denver area, now worth well over a MILLION dollars. I soon find out that my credit rating has been manipulated to obtain any type of loan to help buy-out my ex-wife's interests in the Frisco Colorado Ski resort chalet due to some small bills that were deliberately left unpaid....which ruined my credit to obtain a small $10K loan, while an Attorney purchases my Hawaii Property, as well as another attorney acquiring my Frisco Home that "allowed" me to sign over the property without going into foreclosure that would ruin my credit for 7 years or more....?

1993 - The old Stapleton Airport in Denver is projected to close but not until opening in in 1995 with a huge cost overruns by $2 Billion dollars, with Denver Airline bitter battles between United Airlines and Frontier, aka, CONTINENTAL AIRLINES. The expensive, state of the art of DIA baggage systems has consistent cost oversight problems an fails to work. Norm Brownstein's Law Firm is involved in the re-negotiations for Frank Lorenzo and Continental Airlines, which made a private "Deal" with the City of Denver to obtain the primary desired gates which would give Continental Airlines a huge advantage with gates located near the entrance to the massive terminal, as well as luxury ordered custom V.I.P. lounges, complete with furnished accommodations, private bars, with expensive ordered Continental Logos engraved in lavish glass etchings, which were all soon abandoned by Texas Air Corps plans to relocate back to Houston due the competition from United Airlines...with deep pockets to continue the airfare wars on the de-regulatory Airline Industry.

1994 - 1995: I switch jobs to work part-time for Federal Express while taking a station furlough leave after rumors indicate that Continental Airlines will not have much of a presence in the new DIA Airport to compete against UAL and plan to relocate back to Houston. Norm Brownstein is reported to be heavily involved in negotiating Continental's gate leases, while being considered "Mr. Fix It" at DIA for the massive European designed wasted baggage system [BAE] Conveyers based out of Carrolltan, Texas. With the massive uncertain job security in the Airline Merger - Acquisition Industry, I began to retool my previous plans to open my own B&B Eco-Tourism small business on the Big Island of Hawaii.

1995 - 1999: After researching numerous Hawaiian Islands, including Maui, Oahu, and the County of Hawaii, I focused in on BIG ISLAND due to it's cheaper cost to establish a small B&B business with economic deprived areas from the loss of the 165 year old Hawaiian Sugar Agriculture Industry decline going back to the 1970s, which includes the high cost of Union Labor in Hawaii.

After further research in various parts of the Big Island, I narrowed my choice down to the Puna District after a discovering a property, complete with a Macadamia working farm on 5 acres, adjacent to a quiet, peaceful rainforest setting next to a secluded Public State Park entrance.

I didn't have a Real Estate representative at the time since the SAVIO REALTY agent, suggested he could represent both seller and buyer in a fair and equal "DUAL" manner to save commissions from the attractive price since the owner had the beautiful Hawaiian Plantation home on the market for years, with real estate appraisers forms indicating a original sales price starting in the $650K range, while dropping consistently over the years due to the over investment in the area for the asking price....complete with heavy new investments by the previous owner from San Francisco, California and another small investor: Mark Lance P-------.

He tried selling the property soon after acquiring the Puna Property from A Federal Public Land Auction linked to the original defrauded Hawaiian Airline owner's family who was sent into U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, after the Hilo, Hawaii DLNR land agents criminally suppressed his unrecorded Title Deed documents, to manipulate and defraud the family in the future....which was accomplished in 1990, documented under: Hawaii Federal Bankruptcy Case No: 90-00227 which documents the Kamehameha Schools - Bishop Estate Trust Asset Manager's wife, Ms. Susan Tius [Rush Moore Law Firm] working for PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN as a inside mole for her husband's Employer [KSBE] in collusion with U.S. Trustee, Mary Lou Woo [deceased] fronting the elder Las Vegas U.S. Trustee, Richard Kennedy [deceased].



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TITLE GUARANTY ESCROW SERVICES, INC ["Controlled Business"] designation to alert employees]

Hilo Office, 450 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, Hi 96720

Tele: [808] 935-6638 Fax: [808] 6982 Email: HILO@tghawaii.com


ESCROW NO : 9930210450001



RECORD DTE : 10/20/1999



TAX MAP KEY: [3] 1-4-01: 045


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1999 to 2002: During this time frame, the following documented incidents happened: After the final closing and possession of the fraudulent PUNA Property, after sending two 40' ocean containers from Denver with pre-purchased B&B furnishings, enough for 5 Bedrooms including another 2 Bedroom Ohana house, which included over 50 years of antiques, art, and Hawaiiana Collections, with all expense paid business machines, cards, and marketing items, we soon discovered that the Private Road entrance to our property, from a Federal and State funded public highway into the Public State Park entrance, had mysterious signs posted and placed deliberately to keep tourists out of their private road entrance to all the private "Fee Simple" Disclosed Private Properties......including our new property.

Again, prior to purchasing our private with full endorsement from our new neighbors, The Chow Estate, linked to Kapoho Land and Development Company which is linked to the wealthy LYMAN ESTATE in Hilo, Hawaii, we notified the realtor and the neighbors were aware of our plans....with absolutely no objections from anyone including the Savio Realtors.

After October 1999, we noticed that our Mortgage Company who financed the property, National Pacific Mortgage Company [Old Kent - Michigan] under Branch Mgr, Karl Baker, now with American Savings Bank Home Mortgage Director, had immediately sold our loan to Charter Bank before we could make any payments. Charter Bank immediately turned around an sold our Mortgage loan to BANK OF AMERICA.

We were amazed at the turn over before making any Payments! Bank of America requested by letter a copy of our Insurance Binder which was missing from the loan package....even though we closed in escrow with Title Guaranty Escrow Services which had no record supposedly paid in full to ALL-STATE INSURANCE, as well as pre-paid FEDERAL HURRICANE INSURANCE and Home Insurance Premiums.

My wife lost her diamond ring on our property, so we checked with ALL STATE Insurance only to find that the agent, ERIC ELLGREN, forgot to finalize a package for our pre-paid Title, with questionable Private Road ownership documents on our Title Deed, illustrating our 1/4 interests in the Private road to our property, conflicting with County and State Public Tax records showing our neighbors, the Chow Estate, as owners?

The Chain of ownership became puzzling for the time being with the Chow Estate claiming that the private road record belonged to HELCO Utility easement rights and the Public Land Tax Records in Hilo were outdated information.

Upon contacting HELCO in Hilo, with their LEGAL Department, it took them almost 3 days to get back stating that the Chow Estate were the sole owners of the Private Road to all the "Fee Simple" disclosed Private Properties with supposedly legal easements rights going through the Public State Park from a Public Highway to our Private property.

In December of 1999, the Chow Estate's daughter, Diane C-----, was a girlfriend to Wade R-----, the former wealthy "caretaker" of our new property... as well as Diane being neighbor friends with the front property owner, James R-----, aka, Graddy P-----, living adjacent to the Public Park Entrance.

James R---- was a former Maui small time "Organic" farmer, according to his telephone answering service ... who owned 18 packs of half-wolf / half-malmut dogs to protect his 5 acre farm estate. Again, in reality, R------ was a small time Pahoa medical herb farmer laying low in the Puna District and friends of the Chow Estate.....little did he know that his property was also land-locked with false Title Deeds, listing the Chows as the owners of his property without his knowledge, fronted by a Revocable Trust deed in the name of California investors: Robert and Lois —---- near Napa. Reynolds also claimed he once was a one time associate to Manuel Noriega with a Panama Bird Sanctuary [?]

In December of 1999, R----- and D------ were found "capturing" the new tiny frog creatures that they claimed were released in the Forest by the University of Hawaii Tropical Agriculture Center after experiments for containing other pesky Hawaii insects failed to pan out. They were using flashlights at night, as well as PVC pipes to lure the frogs, now multiplying at a fast rate within Lava Tree State Public Park. I did find mysterious mayo jars with slits thrown on my property found while mowing the orchards.

I didn't understand the problem until the Chow's brought to my attention of the sudden infestation of the HAWAII COQUI FROG, which again, was never found in our area, the park, the forest, or the entire Puna District....until the problem became evident on our property and the State park forests rural ag lands. This again, includes the stealth appearance of fighting game cocks being placed on our property at nights which would crow at dawn to annoy my new clients as we were starting to establish the Eco-Tourism B&B business.

February 1999: Dr. Lyle Wong, from the University of Hawaii Tropical Agriculture Department visited our property after we called in and notified the DLNR land agents, including the Department of Agriculture about the pesky Coqui Frogs sudden appearance in the region, as well as the pack of dogs roaming the front of the Public State Park entrance which was scaring the oblivious tourist visiting the State parks Lava Tree Petrified tree monuments.

We were curious about the sudden placement of the "Private Road" signs for the Public Keep out of the area which became user "unfriendly" for our B&B business, which didn't stop tourist from patronize our B&B since the area, at the time, was lacking this service and accommodation in remote Puna unless they had to go back into Hilo at expensive Hotels on Banyan Drive or go up to Volcanoes National Park to find a accommodating B&B which were pricey in nature compared to our low budget prices.

My small professional looking B&B sign near the Park entrance was found thrown away in the nearby forests on several occasions. We inquired about obtaining a Historic designated Hawaiian Alii Warrior marker to help promote the Public State Park with our B&B located in back of the State Park.

We were told that we could "purchase" the sign but if it was stolen, we would have to pay an additional $450 dollars per sign which was common theft in the remote area so we declined the service even though it would help stimulate business for us as well as the local merchants in the area.

With these questionable practices, as well as the stealth intents for the "lost" INSURANCE binders, combined with the sudden appearance of pesky creatures, with notable signs that were trying to discourage our tourist from entering our property, I decided to immediately place the property for sale to relocate to the more progressive West side of the Big Island.

Between 2000 to 2002, many strange happenings became noticeable: While were in Hilo obtaining supplies, food, and bottle water containers, we came home to discover strange HELCO and Telephone Company personal, in unmarked trucks, surveying my large 5 acre parcel near our warehouse in back under suspicious circumstances. When they saw us they began to leave the property in a hurry. I stopped them before the left the property by the front entrance.

They seemed very guilty as to what they were doing an claimed they were inspecting the Telephone lines....which I knew was being "hot dropped" since I always heard "party" line sounds on our supposedly secure communication system. I requested on several occasions to have their telephone people run a check at their transmitter boxes being tampered with in Pahoa.

On another strange event, we were planning to go to dinner in Pahoa at dusk with one of our customers. Upon departing our semi-circular driveway exit, we noticed from our top vantage point a sedan car parked in front with a man with a shovel device in his hand looking startled once he saw us from a distance of approximately 100 yards. He threw the device in the back seat, backed up in a hurry, an began to climb the rugged dirt road at a high rate of speed.

We began to pursue him from our property into the State Park entrance, since the twilight dusk made it hard to see while driving at extremely high speeds for the conditions. I had a truck so my tractions were good compared to a passenger sedan vehicle. The driver began to swerve once reaching the Public Highway with one direction leading to Pahoa town and the other exit leading to the ocean area.

He choose the Ocean route....again increasing his speed, driving in an panic mode with his headlights leading the way for us without our headlights on since it was still twilight dusk which gave him some concerns. After a 5 mile pursuit, he finally came to the little small boat harbor called Isaac Hale Beach Park.....known as Pohiki Bay.

He saw some local fishermen near the boat harbor entrance and stopped his car, jumped out with his hands in the air asking why we were following him?

He was a tall lanky haole guy with wire rim glasses claiming he was a tourist from Salem, Oregon after I requested his credentials since he was on my property acting suspiciously. He stated that he was "lost" an was trying to figure out where he was, but upon seeing us he fled in a panic since he didn't know who we were in the remote area.

The local fisherman were startled as well as the guy so we took his license plate number down, explained to him that were the owners but were curious what he was doing acting strangely on our property. He apologized to all of us an that was the end of that episode till the next day.......I went to the front of property at daylight an found a perfect circular fence post hole, about 8" in diameter being drilled into the vast lava tubes at the front portion of our property entrance which our tourist, as well as us use everyday. A rock was placed over the hole to help hide the post hole which was used in the area for cattle and horse fencing in the ag region.

Upon talking with locals and friends in the immediate area, they told us that the road liability would compromise safety for vehicles, passengers, and HELCO trucks using the road. I immediately contacted the HELCO representatives in Hilo and notified them of the danger of heavy rainfall with vast amounts of water, filling the lava tub which could collapse causing serious injury or damage to any person's vehicle....including HELCO.

They insisted that the Chow Estate, next door to us, owned the Private road legally, an they would only use it to check their utility poles and lines.

With this background, I finally managed through much research and help from one of our customers from the Bay area to contact Mark Peterson, the previous owner of our property ... who again, was the person that purchased our land-locked property from the BANKRUPTED Hawaiian Airline family, from a U.S. Federal Public Auction back in 1990.

He revealed the following: Diane ---- was the former girlfriend to Wade ------, but he married a Japanese National from Japan. Wade was revealed as the stealth "mule" to transport and distribute the vast amounts of Puna Pakalolo, grown in the vast protected region of our area, with his fathers wealth and money with commercial fishing vessels.

Mark Peterson's lead Filipino Macadamia Picker, hired by Peterson, for her hard-working labors, came to the house to inquire about something an found Wade [as told to Peterson] with huge stacks of cash piled very neatly high on the kitchen marble island and was startled to see her. He reportedly threw her a stack for bribery for her to keep her mouth shut as to what she saw in Peterson's house.

Peterson had quietly relocated back to the mainland after the Chow's began to harass and intimidate him over a HELCO lawsuit, encouraged by the Chow's since High Powered lines from the PUNA GEOTHERMAL PROJECT were suppose to run in front of the Chow's property as planned but were changed after the Chow's protested the layout of the ugly high voltage power lines.....which were now designed to go in back and the side of Peterson's newly acquired property which infuriated the new owner.

With coercion from the Chow's to back his claims for "radiation" and the sight of the tall ugly towers to transport power to the nearby Nanawale Estates Subdivision [Developed by Chow's back in the 1960s].

When it came for Mr. Chow [now deceased] to testify, according to Peterson, he claimed his failing health was bothering him to fly to Honolulu to testify on his behalf and further he couldn't do it because many of his friends worked for HELCO when he was a Big Island Land Grubber throughout Puna, and he couldn't testify against his friends, their Ohanas and family members, which doomed Peterson's "set-up" frivolous Lawsuit which cost him over $50K.....aside from the additional $150K proceeds Peterson invested in remodeling the lavish Plantation style house in Puna after owning the "winning" last minute bid in Hawaii.

The Chow's bitter minion huis were out bid by the Mainland Malahini haole with assets from his investments in San Francisco. We also found out that Peterson, not only was alive and well living away from his former Puna property, but was married to his Taiwanese Movie star girlfriend that was always noted when she came to Puna to visit him, which contradicts the Chow's claims for Peterson being dead from AIDS in San Francisco, which I relayed to Peterson....which is one reason he exposed the Massive Puna operation, as well as the Hawaiian Airline Pilot family which became well aware of their FRAUD once I showed him his 20 year old suppressed, UNRECORDED Title Deed grant from the DLNR Land agents in Hilo, Hawaii [Glenn Taguchi - Eric Leong - Wesley Matsunaga].....with all the signatures attached....except the proper recording with the correct notary of the Public stamps.

I also showed the Modjeska family the Public Forgery Instrument, created by the DLNR for Executive Order 3117, attaching a False, Encroached Official GAO public Survey Map dated October 27, 1981, which was public record being buried for decades in the Archive Public Record division on the grounds of the Historic Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Public LIBRE Official recordings illustrated the Modjeka's dedicating the UNDEEDED Public State Park lands of, "17.099 acres more or less"] to the State of Hawaii DLNR land division....with out the Modjeska's ever owning the Public State Park land which was dedicated by the Kapoho Land and Development Company back on May 29, 1956 for the same "17.0999 acres more or less" deeded to the DLNR under the Parks and Recreation Division.

Modjeska verified his DLNR legal Access documents were dated June 15, 1981, signed by Himself and his wife [Paul Jerome Modjeska & Bernice Topaz Modjeska] with the Hawaiian Developer Chow Estate owners [Wallace and Eleanor Chow] with his two parents signatures [CHOY LUNG AND IDA CHOW - deceased], linked directly to Hilo Hawaii Seventh Day Adventist Church families with Former Hawaii Governor / University of Hawaii William Richardson Law School / Hawaiian Activist - Lobbyist: JOHN WAIHEE [FOB]:

In the fall of 2001, The Hawaii County District Council legal division requested that all Bed & Breakfast should be licensed on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This stealth Hawaii Government revenue stimulus was proposed by the present Hawaii County Planning Director: Ms. Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd visa, Hawaii County Planning Director: Chris Yuen, visa, Hawaii County Planning Department Director: Ms. Virginia Goldstein. In December of 2001, we complied for the new Hawaii County directive to registrar all B&B facilities, including numerous bureaucratic paper work to comply to various "Special Application" license permits, obtaining signatures from neighbors and property owners in the region.

We had to comply to all Hawaii Environmental Impact statements for all Historic archeological sites on the property including all American Disability Acts as well as obtaining a proposed $11 Million dollar INSURANCE coverage, by Hawaii Small Business License Chairman, Mr. Chris Yuen....... on a Private Road entrance with FALSE PUBLIC DISCLOSED INFORMATION.

Without further ado, we were being Blackmailed, Extorted and Manipulated to retain our Special Permit Application for a Small B&B Business License to help the Hawaii Federal, State & County Government Officials with their respective Departments, to perpetually suppress and hide the MASSIVE FRAUD and BLATANT DECEPTION for Executive Order 3117, ["Setting Aside Lands For Public Purposes"] with signatures from former Hawaii Governor / Asian Pacific Advisory Council / East-West Center Chairman / Prince Hotels CEO / Hawaii Real Estate Developer - Investor: GEORGE ARIYOSHI with his former Lt. Governor: JEAN KING, with a Deputy signature showing a n obvious tampered dated section on the E.O.

After contacting the Department of Interior, as well as numerous State of Hawaii Government Agencies and Officials, with Plausible Government denials, we received a letter, dated MAY 15, 2002, from Hawaii U.S. Senator, Daniel Akaka, from the former Hawaii Office of Budget & Management Director - Hawaii Attorney General - Hawaiian Sovereign Director: EARL ANZAI linked to LYNN FLANIGAN ANZAI [RUSH MOORE LAW FIRM linked to Attorney Susan Tius in collusion with Husband: GUIDO GIACOMETTI - KSBE ASSET MGR CONSULTANT, under the Political mole for PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOANS merging into FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK - HAWAII DNC - CEO: WALTER DODS].


In a letter from Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett, enclosed with pertinent ignored information directly linking THE PUNA CONNECTION intents and deceit for PUBLIC CONSUMERS and PUBLIC TAX PAYERS, he thanked us and praised us for "winning" our distracted allegations against PETER SAVIO with his sister, SUE SAVIO [Insurance] while lobbying the stealth intents for AKAKA BILL in Congress with Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, in collusion with the Hawaii Delegates to Congress [DOD - VA] supported by AIPAC Officials in Hawaii - COLORADO - NEW YORK - & WASHINGTON DC linked to convicted Native All-American AIPAC lobbyist: CASINO JACK ABRAMOFF.

Since our Public Kangroo Court proceedings in the HAWAII U.S. Ninth District Court under Clinton Appointed First Black Judge to the U.S. Tax Court Bench for University of Colorado - Boulder Political Associate linked to AIPAC Syndicated Political fund raiser - lobbyist Organizer: NORMAN PHILLIP BROWNSTEIN [The designated American - Israeli special Government entitlement "101-st Congressman" in Washington DC] for Hawaii Paid Traveling Vacation Circuit U.S. Judge: MAURICE B. FOLEY, who prejudicially, biased, DISCRIMINATORY, and ignorantly was blatantly evading the evidence and witness presented in his respectable Court on June 20, 2005, to now help suppress, regulate, and DIVERT our FULLY PAID IRS TAX COURT CASE [No. 05-76135] in the POLITICO UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH DISTRICT CIRCUIT into: THE BOARD OF IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION [INS] BOARD OF APPEALS FOR U.S. CITIZENS - U.S. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS - U.S. ELDERLY SENIOR CITIZENS - U.S. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS. THE IRS NOW IS AUTHORIZED UNDER THE GSA TO NOW HELP EXTORT ILLEGAL IRS PROCEEDS FOR THE BANKRUPTED U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY BY ATTACHING OUR SMALL SOCIAL SECURITY PROCEEDS BACK TO IRS PUBLC TAX PAYER COIFFURES NOW BE USED TO BAILOUT CORPORATE WALL STREET CEOS AND CORPORATIONS FOR MASSIVE COVER-UPS IN NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON DC



Who's Wagging Whom...or Who's BULL$%^&*#@! Whom, Counselors: The Hawaii Night Blooming Jasmine for CHICKENHAWKS USA: "A lobbyist is like a night flower. It thrives in the dark and dies in the sun..."? {Steve Rosen: PARDONED FRANKLINGATE CABAL: Trish Schuh: Arab Springtime - Machaveilli Style!


~ ~ ~

Catbirds with the FISA Wireless coconut crab club: $pecial Black Op$ with the Stand Alone Battalion under Uncle Sam's Guinea Pigs for PRIVATIZED Soldiers of MISSED-FORTUNES: U.S. Sovereign South Pacific Kabuki theatre [Private Non-Profits for MAMMOTH diverted Public Subsidized Corporate Profits!] ...

Reference: www.almartinraw.com & www.zeroshibai.com .

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To be continued...



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