Once I had a dream ...

or maybe I read it and incorporated it.

Sometimes, memory of where fails me,

but I know it was good, really good.

There was a world,

and we all lived there, together.

There was peace among all faiths,

and all races; opportunity existed for all.

Everybody celebrated,

celebrated the joy of their uniqueness.

Sharing whatever they had with

those who had need, without obligation.

Together we shared

the planet that we were so blessed with.

The environment was nurtured like a baby,

protected from greedy users and abusers.

There was love there,

love for every living thing.

Understanding how creation of all life

directly relates to us on a personal level.

Joy was daily ritual,

joy for discovery of something new.

Not a form of obedience or requirement,

but a beautiful understanding of balance.

War did not exist,

there was no need for a defense budget.

We were all a part of the big picture;

all people had a voice, we were important.

This was a world of honor,

a world of Jesus and Mohammad,

a world of LaoTsu and Buddha,

where all paths have honor and validity.

Education was second nature,

learning became a way of life for all people.

Religion was not a means of conversion,

but a method of discovering ones own path.

May the new year bring you:

success in your business,

sunshine in your love life,

health in your physicality.

May your country bring you:

peace in world relations,

honesty in their rhetoric,

openness in their policies.

May our educators bring us:

freedom in our thoughts,

knowledge of all things,

lessons in how to think.

May you bring your world:

integrity in your dealings,

love in your friendships,

beauty in your creations.

Once I had a dream...

© 2002 By John Doelman
All rights reserved
Used with permission

Wishing you a New Year of dreams come true.