Warren Gamaliel Harding - (1865-1923)
29th President of the United States
Was he poisoned by his wife?  Did he die of a heart attack or stroke?  Was he wiped out by the Mob?  We believe the US Government did a "1-2 elimination."  The question remains:  Did he die at his own hand, a heart attack (on record), the hand of his wife or from a mysterious government conspiracy because of his BLACKNESS? 
Government conspiracies were not  uncovered in the 1920’s by the press. Televisions, computers and sophisticated research activities to “hype or sensationalize” a report or story had not been invented. 
Just recently I received an e-mail from a reader who was surprised to read that people knew Harding was Black. He said, "I did not know that anyone knew Harding was Black. My father who is now dead, was a little boy in Washington during Harding's Administration."  His uncle was a "Senator" from Cleveland.  He was Black passing as a son of a Cuban. I guess he didn't know that Cuba is over 80% Black.  His name was Vernil Harris."
Teapot Dome has connections to George W. Bush and especially Dick Cheney.  NORAD encryption uses fractalization from the oil at Teapot Dome Scandal.  The US was using the oil at Teapot Dome for early attempts at "Artificial Intelligence" even in Harding's time. The basis for all US Codes and radio encryption started in WW1 at Teapot Dome Scandal.  It was this early work that would eventually lead to the Breaking of Enigma's Code and Japan's Purple Machine.  There are indications that Harding was not aware of the significance of Teapot Dome when he allowed the drilling rights to be transferred.
While growing up in the 1950's and 1960's we were told of our relationship to one of the US presidents.  My niece wrote an essay for her senior English class explaining the Black lineage of Warren G. Harding.  She explained...."He could only find work as a teacher in a 'Colored School' in Ohio in 1884--until he crossed the color line."  We were much older when we realized the magnitude of government investigations relating to his candidacy and office.  We always knew he was Black--We were cousins.  It didn’t take Joel A. Rogers or Francis Russell to report the dubbed “startling discovery” to us.  The birth records have been recorded in The Old Settlers:  A Nation Within Itself (1988).
(Both of his parents were of African Ancestry)!
Charles A. Harding -- Brothers -- John Harding
George Tryon Harding II - (Warren's Father) 
Mary (Harding)-Norman - (Shown in picture below)
                     (First Cousins)                           
         Warren Gamaliel Harding - 29th President           
Emma (Norman-Harding)-Todd
(Third Cousins)
              Marshall Todd    (Fourth Cousins)               
Marsha (Todd)-Stewart (Fifth Cousins)
1850 Census - Hocking County, Ohio
Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in District 195
Number 195 In the County of Hocking 889 - Ass't Marshal #445
John, Mahala, Charles, Hester, Lucinda, Solomon, Ana, Harrison, and Mary Harding are listed as free inhabitants. 
In New Richmond Township - Clermont County Parkman Academy school records state that William and Oliver Harding with their sisters Virginia and Alameda were brought to the school by their father, a wealthy slaveholder. Their mother had been his slave.  He was one of these tenderhearted slave holders who could not sell his children, and who happily had enough wealth to set them free and leave them in comfort.  William, the oldest did not learn as fast as the other children, but he was a good honest fellow.  Virginia and Almeda were excellent girls. They progressed well in their studies.  The sad intelligence came to us later that Almeda had hung herself in the barn. These children were all agreeable, pleasant students, except for a time Oliver was very contrary; but he was suspended from school and in a little while he came to his senses and applied for restoration.
Mary Harding-Norman & Warren
Harding's fathers 
(John & Charles) were brothers.  
As you can see, President Harding's
first cousin is definitely not WHITE.
Joe Doe Norman & Mary
(Shown below are Mary's sister
Ada Harding and sister-in-law
Jessie Harding). 
Ada Mae Harding-Nelson & Jessie Smith
 - (1898)  (Ada was Mary Harding's Sister
shown in first picture)
Ada Mae (Harding) Nelson
Shown below is the marriage license for
 Solomon and Jessie Harding--
Ada and Mary's parents (1879)
Warren's Third Cousins 
Front Row:   Minnie Norman, Emma (Harding) Norman
(My Grandmother) Addie Ceaser, and Lucinda Norman.  
Back Row:  L-R:  William Henderson, John Norman 
Virginia (Harding) Wilson
Mother of
Eva May Harding-Wilson Wells
Eva May (Wilson) Wells
Civic Leader (Chicago)
Mary Ellen Harding's Obituary that appeared
in a Mt. Pleasant, MI newspaper in 1931
. . . . .  
“Hate thyself responsiveness” prevails and has developed power--The power to destroy self, family, heritage and race.  “Hate thyself” was implanted deep into the conscious by the White Masters to keep Blacks fighting and fearful of one other.  Hate is a controller.  Blacks who pass for White say that they are Indians, Spanish, Cuban, and Hawaiian and/or have Puerto Rican ancestry.  By giving people titles hidden within country of national origin (nationality) and religion, anthropologists have been able to re-classify Negroid people as pseudo White Egyptians, Moors, Ethiopians, Arabs and Polynesians.  The entire idea in all cases is to dodge affirmation of Negro genealogy and to deny the Black Origin of Mankind.
The newest code word is “multiracial” (replacing "Mulatto")--a title used by Tiger Woods, Mirah Carey, and Julius Erving’s illegitimate daughter. When Irving’s daughter--appeared on ABC’s 20-20 late in the century--Barbara Walters ask her if she classified herself as “Black.”  She said, “Oh!!! No!!!”  “I’m multiracial,” —with her big protruded Black face.  She looked as “Blackened” as the next Negro.  “Black is only a part of who I am.”  “I’m eight races.”  “Do you want to hear them?”  Black was the last race mentioned. 
Tiger Woods made it known to America that he did not want to be referred to as an "African-American."  He wasn't Black. People should keep their mouths closed if they don't know from whence they speak.  What Tiger Woods does not mention or did he know that his mother is an admixture of the Negrito from Thailand.  The indigenous people from Thailand were Negroes in antiquity--You're still a Negro Mr. Tiger Negrito Woods.
Schizophrenic Slip-up!!!  If over 78% of American Blacks are already "multiracial" (of mixed heritage), the fight for a new racial classification must come from White mothers having problems accepting their "Black" children.  They pass their psychological mayhem to their offspring.  With the help of the White parent the Black children with White mothers fight to be multiracial/mulatto.
With the White man comes a hellish day of reckoning. He represents the bloodline poisoned by slave catching, Black human extermination, colonialism, race theorizing, genetic color elimination and racial cleansing. 
Thick Trees surround us.
Hide from massa.
Hide from the bloodthirsty hounds.
The scary howls of laughter from the slave catchers
swelled over and over again echoing our epitaphs.
We visualize hanging from the end of a rope.
Our loved ones back there recite our eulogies.
The barking hounds stalk us.
Deep within the Massa’s house was the history of our bondage.
The dry grass crunched beneath our feet announcing our whereabouts.
We were just more dead Niggers.
The grass exposed us.
Our sweat exposed us.
The will for escape pushed us on to freedom.
Echoes of the bloodthirsty hounds chanted, “Kill the Niggers.”
We made it to the river.
The hounds lose our scent.
The challenge of freedom made us push forward using the North Star as a guide.
In 1860 drastic changes were taking place in America.  After escaping slavery these Old Settlers migrated out of Ontario, Canada and headed North to the central part of Michigan.  They came in covered wagons drawn by oxen.  With the allurement of free land, our ancestors felt a vital need to move. They represent the original Black settlement of those northern cities.  For 150 years their homestead property remains in the family....
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