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My name is (Shifu) Angel Ramon Careaga (born 1983), first born son to Andres Ramon Careaga (born December 7th, 1954-current), first born son to Ramon Francis Tunstall (born September 23, 1933 as Ramon Francis Careaga, died December 2, 2001), first born son to Ramon Francis Careaga (born 1906, died 1936), first born son to Ramon Angel Careaga (born 1881, died February 7, 1914), first born son to Ramon Francis Careaga (born March 1842, death February 7th, 1914), first born son to Satornino de Careaga (born before 1813 Bilbao, Spain, moved to Mexico as part of Spanish Military, died 1865), first/only son to Sinforiano de Careaga (born before 1782, death unknown), one of 6 sons to Ygnacio de Careaga, (birth and death unknown), first born son of two to Fernando de Careaga.
My family, October 2012                

My purpose in starting this website is to begin keeping as accurate as possible records, including research I have discovered and whatever you may donate/add to the library here.  It is a shame that few decent records are kept.

The following is an excerpt I found on Wikipedia, if you know who wrote it, please contact me because they have more information currently than I do.

"The Careaga family is often noted for its philanthropic and developmental efforts across the United States. Along with being one of the more important historical links between Castilian Spain and the New World, the Careaga family has been particularly distinguished in California due to its consistent participation in the gradual development of the state. Today, a small portion of the family have also settled on the American East Coast (particularly New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida),and the Midwest (Minnesota and Illinois), while others can be found in Spain's Basque provence.

The earliest Careaga of written record was a Spanish nobleman born in medieval Castile and sent to Mexico as a military man by the King of Spain.* A descendant of his, Colonel Satornino Careaga, was the first of the family to travel to Monterey, California. He was a member of Captain Muñoz's command who risked his life and suffered great pains to protect an exposed and seemingly doomed San Jose Mission. He was survived by two sons, Ramon F. Careaga and Juan B. Careaga. Along with a mutual friend, Daniel Harris, the brothers bought approximately 18,000 acres (73 km2) of land formerly belonging to the De la Guerra family (early Spaniards who figured prominently in the state history). Later, in the division, Harris took some 7,500 acres (30 km2) while the Careaga brothers held more than 10,000. It was on Ramon Careaga's land that oil was first discovered in the Santa Maria Valley.[1]

The alternate spelling of the esteemed surname is "Kareaga." It is derived from the Spanish "kare" (lime) and "aga" (place), thus seems to refer to a "limy place." Several medieval estates of the family's continue to exist in Spain today, including two located in Markina-Xemein and Murelaga. The family coat of arms is distinguishable by its gold and silver tones as well as two wolves of saber.[2]

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  2. ^ Buber's Basque Page: Kareaga
For now, this page is dedicated to various updates, posting information, and helping to keep in touch with one another. To be a second beacon, so to speak, after the Buber page listed above.
As of 2012, the Buber Page no longer offers a forum; This site will now have to act as the primary Careaga forum.

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