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Naval History of the Bilbao Dons de Careaga

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Careaga (2). The seat and manor of the Knights of the name Careaga, is on the porch of Arrigorriaga, in the lordship of Biscay.

The first of this name of who it is reported in Almería was Don Juan Ochoa Ortiz de Careaga, a native of Bilbao, which was four his warships to Ausilio of the Catholic Monarchs in the wars of the kingdom of Granada, effectively contributing to the conquest of many people, mainly from the city of Mojacar and government whose defense was entrusted, and Almeria, where he allotment of houses and land in its vicinity, so she set in her seat, and since then his home a of the largest and most opulent of the city (3).

Señaláronse also mentioned in the conquest of Almeria his sons Don Sebastian and Don Pedro, earning both allotment of houses and lands and perpetual office of aldermen in their community.

Don Pedro Ortiz de Careaga, mentioned in no.
II of genealogical notes down positions, son of Don Martin, served from the age of fifteen years into the wars in Flanders and Italy, appearing in every game and battles one of the bravest and knowledgeable captains.

Avis Venegas Don José de Careaga, no.
X of the notes, perpetual ruler was preeminent city of Almeria and Real gentleman Grandee of Ronda. And as most of that ensign city of Almeria, proclaimed therein by kings of Spain to Don Carlos IV, then to Don Fernando VII, as his predecessors had proclaimed their sovereign.

(1) He died in 1817, and was succeeded by his eldest child and only son of Don Miguel Venegas Avis Careaga and Marin, Grandee of actual Round: deserved for their garments and relevant services to the State, being named Grand Cross of Isabella in 1839 and senator of the kingdom in 1848. Jaen married in 1800 to Mrs. Maria de la Concepcion Ceballos and Iron, which was the Viscountess Villares, and died in 1858. Espresado the link had five children: Don Miguel and Don Juan de la Cruz, who died in infancy; Doña Dolores, Doña Antonia and Don José Maria, proving that the heir of the two houses and securities and Villares Alta Torre; but it did not happen in the Villares vizcondado, having died in 1855, ie, five years before his father, leaving children to Don Miguel, Doña Narcisa and Doña Clementina. It so happened in the Villares vizcondado has happened and after, the death of his grandfather Don Miguel, 1858, at the Marquis of Тoгrе-Alta Avis said Don Miguel Venegas у Heredia and Careaga Ceballos, Commander of the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III, Knight of St. John of Jerusalem, camera gentleman infant of Spain Duke of Lucca, Grandee of actual Granada, etc..
This house had many privileges, including the right to retain the royal banner and display it on your balcony all possessors on Boxing Day, the anniversary of the conquest of Almeria Saracen power, as ensigns over the city. Also kept in the house espresada all banners of the guilds of the same city.

(2) as Don Juan Bautista de Erro, who was counselor of state, Careaga surname, composed of the voices CARE, lime, and AGA, narrow, equivalent to a narrow house in ca-Nothing or limestone.

(3) Notes pedigree:
I. Don Juan married Dona Maria de Careaga, by whom he had two sons, Don Sebastian and Don Pedro.
II. The firstborn Don Sebastian Marquez married Doña María de Villalobos, a lady of the first and most qualified homes in the same town, and had by daughter Dona Mariana de Careaga, for which mayorazgo founded now known by the name of Villafañes for having married Doña Mariana Don Francisco de Villafane, from Valladolid, one of the leading families of these kingdoms.
II. The second son of Don Pedro Ochoa Ortiz de Careaga married Dona Leonor de Rueda, a native of that city, founded Careaga called primogeniture, and had children's Don Diego, Don Martin and Dona Francisca. This married Don Alonso de Givage and Morales, born in the same town, Don Martin married Doña Mariana Ortega, a descendant of Don Cristobal de Ortega, equerry of the Emperor Charles V, and niece of Illustrious Lord Don Juan de Ortega, Bishop of Almeria, and had a son to Don Pedro Ortiz de Careaga, who married Doña Francisca de Vargas, who had two children, who were Don Martin Lopez de Careaga and Don Gutierre Marquez de Careaga. The first was apostolic inquisitor city and kingdom of Granada and Inspector General of the kingdom. Don Gutierre was mayor of Granada and the court of Madrid, and then judge of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, in whose fate died without succession.
III. Ochoa Don Diego Ortiz de Careaga, eldest son of Don Pedro and Doña Leonor de Rueda, perpetual ruler and possessor of a firstborn who founded his parents, married Maria de Morales, who had a son and successor to
IV. Don Pedro de Careaga, who married Doña Juana de Valencia, a descendant of one of the leading families of these kingdoms, whose lady came into the family of Careaga the largest and Regidoria alferazgo preeminent city of Almeria.
V. Don Juan Ortiz de Careaga and Valencia, son of the previous ruler Lieutenant largest and most prominent of the city of Almeria, happened in the entail of Careaga and other prerogatives of his house, in 1601, and married Dona Isabel Venegas Avis , whose lady owned mayorazgo Tower in Mondújar, founded by his grandparents Don Diego Avis de Córdoba and Granada Isabel Venegas Belvis.
VI. For lack of male succession became of Don Juan and his wife Isabel Doñа Doña Feliciana daughter of Avis Careaga Venegas, who married in 1630 with Don Andres de Givage and Villarroel, Almería natural and perpetual ruler of that city, and had per child
VII. Don Juan Venegas of Avis Givage Careaga and took the surname of his mother and his descendants have preserved, always prepending the firstborn of the house of Avis Venegas, prevented the foundation for the firstborn of the Tower's last name Venegas Avis has of precedence to all who have the holder. He married Maria de Iguña, daughter of Captain Don Martin of Iguña, Almería perpetual ruler, and had a son to
VIII. Don Jose Venegas de Careaga and Avis Givage, alderman and lieutenant perpetual greater Almeria, married his cousin Doña Maria Serafina Ballesteros, daughter of Don Mateo Ballesteros, one of the leading families of that city whose marriage were born: Don Francisco de Careaga, who died childless Doña Francisca de Careaga, who married his uncle Don Antonio Ballesteros, mayorazgo bearer of this name, Doña María de Careaga, who married Don Rafael de Almansa, perpetual ruler of the city of that name, governor of the castle of San Pedro, from which the viscounts called the Castillo de Almansa, and
IX. Don Andres Venegas de Careaga and Avis Givage, perpetual ruler prominent and largest city ensign of Almería, in which capacity he proclaimed in 1750 by King of Spain to Don Carlos III. Married in 1739 to Doña Luisa Antonia Ballesteros, his cousin, daughter of Don Antonio and Doña Maria Bocanegra, sister é Illustrious Excellency Archbishop of Santiago Don Francisco Antonio Bocanegra, of the Order of Carlos III, whose marriage was born
X. Don Jose Venegas de Careaga and Avis Givage, perpetual and preeminent ruler of the city of Almeria, married Doña María Teresa Marin and Benavides, daughter of Don Juan Francisco Marin of Trinidad and Doña Antonia Benavides and Illuminati, offspring of main homes of these kingdoms and the lordship of Genoa, Italy. This illustrious consortium born Doña Antonia, Doña Doña Candelaria and Dolores de Careaga, who died without taking state; Doña Luisa, who married his uncle Don Andres de Careaga, and
XI. His Excellency Don Miguel José Venegas Avis de Careaga, now Marquis of Torre Alta, alderman and lieutenant preeminent perpetual and was larger than the city of Almeria and Grandee of Ronda.

(4) Notes pedigree:
I. The espresado Don Juan made ​​his seat in the city of Madrid, in the parish of San Ginés, where he lived many years showering benefits to its neighbors and mereciéndoles the greater appreciation and consideration. He died in 1372. He was married to Doña Catalina de Sarabia, by whom he had to
II. Givage Don Alonso Diaz, who married Doña Juana de Sarabia, tested on September 20, 1436, and died in the same year in Madrid. Had children's Don Ruy, Don Nicholas and Don Diego. Don Ruy Diaz de Givage married Dona Ines Diaz Melendez, who was in Men Don Givage Rodriguez, who was the son of Don Gaspar Givage Melendez, from whom the house of that name which still exists in Madrid. Don Nicolás Cuenca married and had a son to Don Alonso Diaz de Givage, who married Doña Nicolasa de Cabrera, and was progenitor of the houses of the Marquis de Moya and counts of Llimechou.
III. The third brother, Don Diego Diaz de Givage, married Doña Inés de Lujan, a native of Madrid, who had to don Juan, who died without issue, and to
IV. Don Rodrigo Diaz de Givage married Doña Sabina Morales, daughter of Don Pedro de Morales, governor of Marchena and warden of the fortress and alcabas Almeria. Had a son to
V. Don Juan de Givage, who succeeded his grandfather in the government of Marchena and warden of the fortress of Almería, married Dona Francisca de Careaga, daughter of Don Pedro and Doña Leonor de Rueda, and had a son and successor to
VI. Don Gabriel de Givage married Avis Venegas Leonor, daughter of Don Diego Avis de Cordoba, and Granada Isabel and Venegas, who married Don Luis de la Trinidad, alderman of that city of Almeria, and had a son and successor to
VII. Don Alonso de Givage and Venegas Doñа married Constance de la Vega, and had a son and successor to
VIII. Don Alonso de Doña Sebastiana Givage Villarroel married, and had a son and successor to
IX. Don Andrés married Doña Feliciana Givage of Careaga and Venegas, his aunt and cousin, daughter of Don Juan de Careaga, Ensign most of Almeria, and Avis Isabel Venegas, and had a son to
X. Don Juan Venegas de Careaga and Avis Givage no. VII of Careaga notes.

Don Pedro de Granada, who is made ​​up to try to mention this name, married Maria Venegas, male descendant of Don Garci Egas Venegas, 4. ° Lugües lord, and his son Don Pedro Venegas de Quesada, who still eight-year-old was taken captive and raised in the Alhambra in Granada, where he married a sister-Aben Yusof Al-mayar, XVII king of Granada and last of this name. They were sons of Don Pedro de Granada and Maria Venegas: Don Alonso, from which the Marquis de Campo Tejar; Doña Isabel, wife of Don Fernando Fernandez Segris, the habit of Santiago, and Doña Brianda Granada Venegas, who married with Don Alonso Belvis the Baho, sheriff of Almeria and its perpetual council alderman. Doña Brianda Granada Venegas and Don Alonso had Baho Belvis the children's Don Francisco Belvis the Baho, Almeria perpetual ruler, founder of primogeniture called Villalobos, and Dona Isabel Belvis de Granada Venegas Don Diego who married Avis Córdoba, grandson of Don Francisco Av s called Avis Alient Bus.

(5) It was Don Francisco Avis father, grandfather Don Alonso and second grandfather Don Diego Avis, Cordoba, who married Isabel Granada Venegas Belvis, and they founded the primogeniture called the Tower, on which is the title of the Marquis of Torre Alta. They had children's Doña Leonor Avis Venegas, who married Don Gabriel de Givage, as said in speaking of this name, and Don Alonso de Granada Venegas Avis. The espresado Don Alonso married Maria de Nuño, one of the leading families of Almeria and daughter were by Dona Isabel Granada Venegas Avis, who married Don Juan Ortiz de Careaga and Valencia, major and lieutenant city alderman Almeria, for whose marriage the family entered the mayorazgo Careaga called Tower.

(6) His descendants settled in the city of Segovia and had their homes in front of the Trinity, therefore, gradually lost sight of its name from the Tower, is called the Trinity.

Some of the family went to live in the village of Chinchon, who was then jurisdiction of Segovia, where they enjoyed the same prerogatives and distinctions that had been
granted, as evidenced by enforceable espedida favor of Don Pedro de la Trinidad, in 1500. Don Luis de la Trinidad in Chinchon married with Doña María de la Torre, daughter of Commander of Ocaña, and had a son to Don Juan de la Trinidad, who married in the same village, and had a son to Don Pedro de la Trinidad, who married Doña Inés de la Fuente Lopez, and had to Don Juan de la Trinidad, who married Doña Francisca Fernandez de la Torre, his cousin, with whom she had a son to Don Luis de la Trinidad, who married Isabel Givage and Venegas, daughter of Don and Doña Leonor Givage Gabriel Venegas Avis, and had a son to Don Luis Jacinto de la Trinidad, who married Doña Mariana de la Puerta and Cervantes, to whom she had Don Juan de la Trinidad, who married Doña Maria de Lorenzana and Morales, whose alliance came into this family the two mayorazgos called Ariza and Lorenzana. They had by daughter Dona Maria de la Trinidad Lorenzana and Heras, who succeeded in both espresados ​​mayorazgos being an only child, and married Don Luis Marin.

(7) Notes pedigree:
I. Don Diego Marín, noble scion of the house espresada Cieza, fathered
II. Don Juan Gil Marin, who married his cousin Maria de Burgos and Marin, and had children's
III. Don Luis Marin, who married Doña María Beatriz Minho, and had a son to
IV. Don Diego Marín Minho, who married Doña María Villegas of the Trinity, and had a son to
V. Don Luis Marin of the Trinity, who married Mariana of Perosa, one of the first families of Almería, by whom he had a son to
VI. Don Luis Marin of the Trinity, who married Doña María de la Trinidad, by whom he had a son to
VII. Don Juan and Trinidad Marin, who married Doña Hippolyta del Pino, by whom he had to
VIII. Don Juan Marin of the Trinity, who married Doña Antonia de Benavides, and they were as daughters to
IX. Doña Carmen Marín and Benavides, who married Don Flavio Illuminati, a descendant of one of the leading families of the lordship of Genoa, and possessor of primogeniture called Illuminati, Grandee Round of real and perpetual ruler of the city of Motril, and Doña María Teresa Marin and Venegas, who married Don Jose Venegas of Avis and Givage Careaga, etc. For this lady entered the house of primogeniture Benavides Careaga and Avis.

(8) I. Don Manuel de Benavides married Doña Maria Manrique de Rojas, of whom he had among other children
II. Don Sancho de Benavides, father
III. Don Cristobal de Benavides, who had among other children
IV. Don Juan de Benavides, who was captain of cavalry and one of the first settlers of Almería, where he established: married Dona Maria de Villarroel, who had a son to
V. Don Diego de Benavides, who married Doña Beatriz of Ileras, who had to
VI. Don Juan de Benavides, who married Dona Felipa de Aguilar, who had to
VII. Don Diego de Benavides and Aguilar, who married Doña Lucia de Segura and Heros, who had to
VIII. Don Juan de Benavides and Segura, who married Dona Leonor and Viendes Zarzosa, who had to
IX. Don Juan Antonio de Benavides, who married Doña Maria Teresa Illuminati Careaga Perez, who had by daughter to
X. Doña Antonia de Benavides and Illuminati, who married Don Juan Francisco Marin of the Trinity.