Introduced by Scott Renkema

Scott Renkema, Vice of the Open Mess


  James Campbell addresses the Open Mess

Our guest speaker for this year 30th annual Open Mess, was James Campbell a journalist, writer, outdoorsman and adventurer. During the Summer of 2006, Mr. Campbell retraced the steps of the 32’ from Port Moresby to Buna. The result was his critically-acclaimed new book, "The Ghost Mountain Boys", retelling the story of the Red Arrow Division coupled with his own experiences on the Kappa Kappa Trail. A documentary film that is due for release this Fall was previewed at our event. Copies of his book were for sale and autographing. “The Buna campaign in New Guinea was one of the most awful slogs of World War II and one of the least reported. Now we are fortunate to have James Campbell’s outstanding Ghost Mountain Boys illuminate the heroes of the 32 Division.” James Bradley, author of Flags of Our Fathers and Flyboys.

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 Mr. James Campbell honors our very distinguished list of Open Mess guest speakers



Speaker and Commandant share a lighthearted moment