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Spanish-American Cuban War

(Exhibit at Grandville Public Library*)


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NOVEMBER 14, 2009

Mr. Karl Gelbke, a veteran of the 7th Fallschirmjaeger Div. 1945 will be the speaker for our annual gala. Mr. Gelbke will relate to us the view from the German soldiers side.

The Open Mess cover is $50.00 with payment by Monday, November 9, 2009. Thereafter is $60.00.

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A wonderful opportunity, perhaps a once in a lifetime kind: a trip to Vietnam in February 2010.

The trip will include both the North and the South. Some of you may have gone already a few years ago courtesy of Uncle Sam, and may want to go back to see the changes.  For others it will be a great opportunity to see first hand the geography, the culture and some of the historical sites. Besides the cultural and religious sites, arrangements have been made to visit the Hanoi Hilton (famous POW prison), the military museum of the "American War" (as they call it) and other site of military history.

There is still space available, and the dates for deposits, etc., are flexible. For more information contact Roger Schlosser at (616) 453-7933, ot click on

Vietnam Trip Brochure February 2010




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 Moving the U-505

  Imagine the unique engineering challenges involved in moving the U-505. How do you move a National Historic landmark that weighs as much as three Statues of Liberty and is nearly a city block long? Then, once it is moved, how do you lower it four stories into a new exhibit space?

The new exhibit for the U-505 is worth every penny of admission.

Moving the U-505 Submarine

Exhibit U-505


From The July program “Top Guns of 43”

The Carriers of the Great Lakes

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Korean War Not Forgotten!

Public display on the Korean War

From June to the end of July 2008

at the Grandville Public Library

Grandville, Michigan

During the first days of June 1950 the Cold War became hotter than ever before when North Korea invaded South Korea in an unexpected attack which tested the resolve of the democratic world and the the United Nations.  The conflict resulting from that event has been largely...(continues in),

For the good of the company 


Puerto Rico's 65th U.S. Infantry Regiment in South Korea, 1951
 The battle portrayed in the painting was the last recorded battalion-sized bayonet attack by the U.S. Army.  The painting by J. Andrea, done in 1992, was commissioned by the National Guard Heritage Foundation.

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Click here for direct link on The Soldiers for the heroic stories of these soldiers both Continentals and Puerto Ricans


"Blind Spot"

A Commentary on "The War" by Ken Burns

(a personal commentary by José A. Amorós)



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"That's the last of them things (.50Cal.) we're doing!" 



"The Michigan Company of Military Historians and Collectors (MCMHC) is a private organization dedicated to the observation and study of military history and to the memorialization of those involved in some of those historical moments.

Our membership is composed of a cross section of society which includes combat veterans, non-veterans, professional and amateur historians, modelers and collectors.  Membership is by invitation and election only. Some of our members are distinguished and recognized authorities in their fields of military history, others have experienced first hand some of the most momentuous times in military history, and the rest of us just wish we had.

Military history as a discipline suffers from a kind of stygma. It is more often than not misunderstood as the realm of war lovers and warmongers.  And yet, there is not one aspect of human history which either directly or indirectly can escape the study of military history.

Many of our past and present advances in technology, medicine, and even our present social organization are connected in one way or another or due to some aspect of human conflict the subject of which is military history .

Bronze "sickle sword" known as "khopesh". This was a weapon which became standard in the Middle East and can be traced to Summer 3,000 years ago.

As far back to the very beginings of civilization, and before, human beings have sought to satisfy their needs by various means and implements. The choice between negotiation and force have always being present in human conflict but when negotiation failed human beings used ingenuity to devised means and methods to impose their will. Eventually these evolved into the well developed means and methods of present day. Military history covers those developments. 

José A. Amorós  

Editor & Former Commandant 2007

Members in good standing are welcome to invite prospective members to visit this website. As stated in our by-laws and constitution, "The purpose of this organization shall be to advance its members study and enjoyment of military history in all its facets."