On the first page of this booklet, the author wrote the following introduction:

"It is perhaps well to give the reasons which have led the author to gather together the information which appears in this book.
In the first place it is a correct and authentic record of all those descended from the Lyster family of Queens County, Ireland, who bear, or have born the name of Lyster in America during the 19th century. This is in itself no mean object.
It will also form a table which may be added to in later years, so that as the family increases in numbers and becomes more and more dispersed over the world, a true and correct record of each individual may be kept. The author expresses a hope that some one in each successive generation will take enough interest in the family to continue the work." 

And to continue, in the authors own words he wrote the conclusion ....

"During the years I have engaged in this matter I have always had the future in view. I know those of the present day it will look it over with a feeling of curiosity only, but as years go on I am sure this book will be of great interest to the family, and more perhaps useful. As I write the closing sentences the oddest feeling comes over me. The idea of addressing those who are now unborn― those that I look upon as relatives although they are not now in existence― gives me the most curious kind of feeling. 
In conclusion, I hope everyone who may hereafter bear the name of Lyster will give up to the family motto:

Retinens Vestigia Famoe

James Lyster (31 December 1900)

The Canadian Lysters, a booklet written by James Lyster (1846-1913)