About Us

Julie and Regina at Ecofest Gladstone, Queensland

The idea to write a Woman's Look at Camping come from a family holiday to the tip of Cape York in 2000. We travelled for 5 weeks setting up and pulling down 16 campsites. This trip required the planning of equipment and food needed in isolated areas and difficult road conditions.

Even though we had years of camping experience and we thought/believed all scenarios were covered, we still had mishaps.

We decided to share our hindsight from the experience we had with packing, planning meals, washing and travelling with kids. In 2002 we self-published edition one of A Woman's Look at Camping with hundreds of handy hassle-free hints and checklists. It was a success!

Since the success of our first edition of AWL in 2002 we have been busy writing about our holiday adventures and handy hints for Gladstone News Magazine. We enjoy the excuse to take the family away for a trip so we can research and write camping stories for our local community.
We are always looking for hassle-free hints that give us more free time to sit back and relax. Our getaways also include cooking fun new recipes with simple tasty ingredients.
It is with our new found journalistic/chef skills that our horizons have expanded to publishing these recipes for national magazine Go Camping Australia since 2004.

“Happy Hassle Free Holidays”

Julie and Regina