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"Under this lies a fact never mentioned aloud, but tacitly understood and acted upon: namely, that the conditions of life in all three super-states are very much the same.  In Oceania the prevailing philosophy is called Ingsoc, in Eurasia it is called Neo-Bolshevism, and in Eastasia it is called by a Chinese name usually translated as Death-Worship, but perhaps better rendered as Obliteration of the Self."        George Orwell, 1984

"The significance of George Orwell's famous novel Nineteen-Eighty-Four is that its writing was inspired by a commitment to further a world order which existed among top, Rockefeller family-dominated Anglo-American political intelligence agencies by the late 1940s.  Like numerous well-known top trade-union officials and celebrated social-democratic political and "cultural" figures, Orwell was an intelligence operative for the Anglo-American CIA-SIS services.  This employment brought him into privileged association with other operatives directly connected with the London Tavistock Institute.  Several of these latter persons known to have served with Orwell were directly involved in developing key fascist sociological and psychological schemes, which had already been adopted off the Tavistock drawing boards by the late 1940s.  His novel directly reflects such insider's information."     from Fascism's Rape of the Mind

"The reduction of intelligence is an important factor in the curative process ... The fact is that some of the very best cures that one gets are in those individuals whom one reduces almost to amentia [feeblemindedness]."       Abraham Myerson, psychiatrist, quoted in Bruce Wiseman's "Psychiatry, the Ultimate Betrayal"

A man, a U.S. citizen, named Jose Padilla, was kept shackled and in sensory deprivation, without any contact with the outside world other than his interrogators or any sense of time or space. He alleges he was given mind-altering drugs and tortured. And now he is, according to one of his lawyers, "so docile and inactive that his behavior was like that of ‘a piece of furniture.’ ”    from Padilla: Turning A Man Into 'Furniture' 


In early 2008, I stumbled onto the online copies of The Campaigner (an early publication of the LaRouche movement), which are in the form of large PDF image-files.  I decided that some of the articles - mainly those related to the fascist network within our society and its nefarious agenda of destroying human minds - should be made more accessible to the general public, and this website is a result. 

In case you are put off by the socialist perspective and terminology of those early writings, consider the fact that there are various brands of "socialism," and that the US Constitution's fundamental principles, set out in its Preamble, include the promotion of the General Welfare (common good), which many people consider to be a socialist policy.  So, look past the socialist terminology to the ideas, and I think you'll find that LaRouche has always been far more American than the many influential people who wrap themselves in the Flag and act as if America's mission is to wage perpetual war on the other side of the planet, keep taxes low, and balance the budget, even if these policies destroy the country, and more likely BECAUSE they will destroy the country.

If you are tempted to regard LaRouche's early forecasts of imminent economic catastrophes as evidence that his more recent forecasts are also unlikely to be realized in the near future, just visit his website, and look around at the unfolding Hades on Earth, about which LaRouche has been warning us for decades, along with providing policies to prevent it.


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The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elite

The Truth about Plato

Part 1

Part 2



1 - The Mediterranean World in the Fourth Century B.C.

2 - Sicily, Southern Italy, and Greece in the Fourth Century B.C.

3 - The Satraps' Revolt, 366-360 B.C.

4 - Dion's Syracuse Expedition, 357 B.C.

Aristotle, Political Warfare, and Classical Studies

If you're looking for a conspiracy that goes back to Sitchin's "astronaut gods," or at least to Marduk's priesthood, this is for you. It shows how, even then, the magicians mentioned in the Bible as part of the Babylonian priesthood were waging war on the human mind, through Aristotle. It doesn't get much more evil than that. They were also complaining about "overpopulation" then, too.

From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament

If you're thinking of becoming a Bible-thumper, read this article first and save yourself a lifetime of effort trying to make sense of the Old Testament.

Text (183 KB)

Map of Israel and Judah in approximately 750 BC (140 KB)

Phoenician & Greek colonization 750 to 500 BC 

Map of the Assyrian empire in approximately 670 BC (164 KB)

Map of the Persian empire in approximately 550 BC (196 KB)

How Charlemagne Built Europe

Another way of desribing Charlemagne's accomplishment is that he created the infrastructure for the development of the consciousness-soul, i.e. our current form of conscisousness characterized by science. 

The Society of Jesus: Evil Heirs of Aristotle

Robert M. Hutchins: Creator of an American Oligarchy


Plato's TIMÆUS: The basis of modern science (The only authentic English translation)

Text (200 KB)

Introduction by Lyndon LaRouche (139 KB)

Plato, as is typical of initiates, had an advanced form of consciousness for his time, which was at the dawn of the intellectual-soul or intellectual-consciousness era.  This mode of consciousness is characterized by logic without a thorough study of evidence, so a lot of what appears in Timaeus seems silly to modern minds.

But much of what Plato wrote in Timaeus is an attempt to relate Mystery teachings in a manner that was comprehensible to the nascent intellectual consciousness of his time, without violating the secrecy of the Mysteries.  One example is his description of the sense of sight, in which he describes a "fire" coming out of the eyes and interacting with the objects in the field of view.  This is based on an awareness of the spiritual reality underlying this process, and not an ancient superstition. 


Although few will study this, and even fewer will comprehend it, I thought it deserved a more accessible format, and that it will least help those who peruse it  to understand why LaRouche is considered to be a universal genius.

After transcribing Beyond Psychoanalysis from the Campaigner PDF file, I discovered, in the course of a search for any New Solidarity articles on the New Psychoanalysis, that someone else had already transcribed it and a couple of other articles on the New Psychoanalysis from The Campaigner(The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party and The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach - links below).  (Before transcribing BP, I searched the internet for it, but didn't find the earlier transcription even though the page is entitled Beyond Psychoanalysis and it was supposedly posted when I performed the search.)  But my transcription has certain advantages, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.  My suggestion to anyone interested in studying the other articles is to copy them (using the mouse, not CTRL-A, which selects more than the text) to a rich text or HTML file to allow the font and background to be changed to something more readable. (For long articles, I like a greenish grey background and black text large enough to scan effortlessly.)  The background color for applications and PDF documents can also be changed.

Don't be deterred from reading this by its academic passages, because most of it is quite accessible, and it contains some real bombshells which indicate the nature of the universal fascism being prepared for mankind.

If I could write, I could write a book about this article, because there are so many facets to it.  But in a nutshell, from my perspective, it chronicles the progression of Darwinism from a "theory" (actually, a fraud perpetrated by the British oligarchy) to an implementation of the "theory," in which certain people set themselves up as Nature, i.e. as the arbiters of who is fit, and who is not. The excuses for defining certain people to be unfit evolved as time went on. The article points out that when Hitler discredited eugenics, it "morphed" into the "mental health" movement, with the same Satanic members.

The ostensible purpose for eugenics was the perfection of the human race (as if any human could know what constitutes perfection, and how to achieve it), but its real motive was to create a "master" race, and a class of what Nietzsche would call the "slave" class, and Crowley would call "the outcast and unfit," to use as grist for the Satanic mill, and for refining the literally diabolical methods for destroying human minds. The "war on terror" is another means for creating a class of "subhumans"; note that the end result is the same: subjecting people to Hell on Earth in order to drive their minds/spirits out of them. They're all variations on a diabolical theme.


This is the companion piece to Beyond Schacht ..., above.  When I transcribed Beyond Schacht, this article seemed too long to transcribe.  I decided to transcribe it because we are threatened with another Schachtian "recovery" at the present time.

The common good has always been LaRouche's motivation.  Early in his career,  he believed that Marxism was the system most likely to produce results, but even in this article which indicates support for Marxism, he was critical of it, and defending Rosa Luxemburg, a Marxist who also sought to purify Marxism.  Eventually, LaRouche traced what he liked so much about Marxism back to America's founders, especially Benjamin Franklin, and I gather that he then discovered the American System (knowledge of which the British had thoroughly suppressed) and began to realize that Marxism was a sort of parody of it, and that it was designed to serve as the "bible" of various British-controlled "revolutionary" movements (the evil Lord Palmerston's "zoo") created to further the nefarious goals of the British Empire. 

For those who think that LaRouche, who it turns out at one time considered himself to be a socialist and a Marxist because he had mastered Marx's dialectical method (whatever that is), was involved in a conspiracy to destroy the US and send us to gulags, I decided to present Theory Becomes Practical..., an editorial from Fall 1971, which is one of his organization's earliest pieces I could find which shed some light on the sorts of matters that concerned them at the time, and which sub-geniuses such as myself can understand.  You will find that they were essentially continuing the American Revolution against the British Empire, by trying to develop a system of economics in harmony with true American values ("of, by, and for the people," as opposed to "free trade," i.e. freedom for the British financial oligarchy - "capitalists" - to use economic policies to help destroy civilization and send us to gulags), and create an educated cadre to implement their system.  At the time, they were apparently unaware of the American System of Political Economy, which British agents had hidden carefully, but which they have since discovered, researched, publicized, and continuously advocated.  Also, LaRouche has since criticized Marx's system as few can.  For example, see the pertinent section of What Glory, Price?  Greenspan, Seneca, and their Baths.

Our actual fascist/Satanic government

Rockefeller's "Fascism With A Democratic Face"

Deliberate child abuse is a form of Satanic "ritual" abuse, where "ritual" is to be understood in the sense of being repetitive, and not as part of some religious ceremony. SRA can be any form of gratuitous abuse from the innocuous to the horrific. Each Satanist gradually escalates from the innocuous to whatever level is required to achieve the goal of SRA, which is to elicit Satanic possession. The actual purpose of SRA is kept secret even from Satanists, who typically don't know that they ARE Satanists - they're told that they're being prepared for initiation into black magic, or some other super-human status.

The Deprogramming Mafia (Deprogramming is also a form of SRA.)

A Dirty Little British Operation

This article contains some interesting insights into Karl Marx, Marxism, and British-created "Marxist" groups (as an indication of how the British oligarchy intended to use Marxism after using Marx to create it).  It also mentions that a member of one of these groups referred to plans to assassinate LaRouche, and that Britain helped Israel to develop nukes as a means of unleashing war (at least a certain one, probably coinciding with the explosion of the financial system).


Don't let the pro-socialist, and even pro-Soviet rhetoric in this article prevent you from absorbing its important message.  At the time it was written, variations on these political/economic systems obviously struck the author and her associates as the most likely means of implementing what is actually the true American agenda.  But now that the world and their understanding of it has changed, they now consider the American System, based on the General Welfare clause of the Constitution, to be the best means of implementing this same agenda.  Perhaps they had not yet unburied this idea, which was thoroughly buried by British agents. 

As of this writing in early 2008, the policies of FDR, which were a watered-down version of the American System, were widely regarded by RUSSIAN leaders as models for economic development, thanks largely to LaRouche's influence.  So, again, look past the terminology in the article to the policies which the author advocated, and those which she condemned.

Jews With Hot Money

The Method of Philo Judaeus: To free the Jews from the Cult of Zionism 



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