Site Info

Hibriten launch is a wooden ramp facing NNW.

The launch is in close proximity to trees and may be turbulent. Position your starting point on the ramp so you'll be at flying speed at the end of the ramp.

Do not attempt to "jump" off the ramp expecting to pick up speed as descending.

The launch elevation from the landing field is approximately 900 feet.

Panoramic View of Launch

The glide to the LZ is approximately 5 to 1.

If you are below ramp height on the ridge, head out to the LZ.

If you have a single surface glider or a glider with comparable L/D, plan your route to the LZ before you launch appropriately and have a back-up plan to land in an alternate field.

The ridge is approximately 1 mile long.

Hibriten landing field is on a sloped hay field approximately 800 x 800 ft.

Be aware of turbulence on the downwind side of tree lines.

Make your pattern within the field if possible.

Landing downhill is not recommended due to the slope of the field and surrounding obstacles.

Typical landing pattern to the north, up the hill.

The road to the launch ramp has a locked gate at the base of the mountain. Please contact one of the Buzzard members for the access to the launch ramp.

Visiting pilots are welcome to fly Hibriten with a Buzzard escort.

You must show proof of current USHPA membership.

A weekend membership can be obtained for $25.00 USD.

One year membership fee is $50.00 USD.

The proceeds will be used to defray site maintenance costs.

Currently, we do not offer flight training or tandem rides.

No training flights at Hibriten are permitted by The Buzzard Club.

Thermal Valley Airsports offer tandem rides. Thermal Valley operates from Foothills Regional Airport in Morganton, North Carolina just 20 minutes south of Lenoir.

Blue Sky Hang Gliding near Richmond, Kittyhawk Kites near Nags Head, and Lookout Mountain Flight Park near Chattanooga offer trainings and tandem rides.